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Anime has exploded in the last decade. From the days of VHS releases of Ranma ½, we have progressed to simulcast anime that can be watched at the same time in Japan. Anime sites can be a jungle to navigate while fans are crying out for recommendations.

This list will hit the top anime websites in several categories so you don’t have to. It includes everything from great sites to watch English dubbed anime, live-action Japanese dramas, news sites, review blogs, forums, social media accounts, and more.

One of the best things about being an anime fan is the abundance of anime-related websites and communities that one can explore. However, with so many sites out there it can be tough knowing where to look first when it comes to getting the latest news, keeping up with your favourite series, and finding groups of people who love the same anime as you do.

What a list! The Internet is full of amazing anime resources that can help you delve deeper into your favourite series, discover new shows, and even learn Japanese. Below is a compilation of the top websites for every anime fan. Hope you enjoy it.

#1: 9Anime:

Anime can be hard to find, but 9Anime wants to fix that. We’ve scoured the web for all the best anime sites and created a one-stop shop for watching anime online, with new sites added every week! From streaming sites, to reviews of the latest anime DVD’s, we have you covered on news and fandom! 9Anime is a website where every anime fan can find what they seek. From the highest rated, to the most watched and popular new releases, it’s all here. 

#2: Crunchyroll:

If you are a fan of anime and you want to watch it legally, Crunchyroll is the perfect destination for you. It boasts a huge library of anime shows. It does not matter if you love romance or action packed shows, the anime for any genre is available hereThere are many great websites to help you watch your favourite anime on your mobile devices and on your home computer. You can even make use of the crunchyroll mobile app to have access to things like bookmarking, queue management, push notifications, and more.


Anime at A large number of episodes and high-quality video fun with every anime! Best search tools to access anime. Best anime in a row to watch fresh star series, new and long-awaited anime. The best masters of Japanese animation are waiting for you on our website. We see not only information about the series, but also all the details of the film. Those who love anime should visit this page, where they can enjoy the best animation of Japan and other countries!

#4: Chia-Anime:

Our personable approach to anime websites has set us apart from competitors and has allowed us to build a community that helps you discover new animes and keeps you coming back for more. From the moment you land on our home page, you’ll feel welcomed by our movies, tv shows, manga, and anime countdown pages. Our social media channels enable you to interact with other Chia-anime fans and stay up to date on the latest announcements and exclusives.

#5: Anime planet: is a free website that brings together anime fans from all over the world. Anime-Planet offers the latest news and reviews of anime series, music, and video games related to anime. And find out about exclusive anime premieres and events organized by fellow anime fans around the globe.  Anime planet brings you the latest and greatest anime news, reviews, and discussion in one easily-accessible location.


Alright, so here’s a list of some of the best websites for every anime fan! This list is not exhaustive, but there are some great resources out on the web for people who love anime! If you want to create your anime website and don’t have any knowledge then check out the website developer in jodhpur. DVD’s highest-reaction-packed favorite Crunchyroll. Moreover, we have also included a chart of the top social media sites and video streaming platforms used by anime fans. 

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