Winds Of Winter Release Date – George R.R. Martin Teases A Book Launch

The Winds of Winter release date hasn’t been officially announced. However, the recent statement from George R.R. Martin has made enthusiasts anxious for the upcoming sequel. The author teased that the next installment to A Song of Ice & Fire could be released as soon as the pandemic situation subsides and the lockdown ends.

In recent months, COVID-19 has caused businesses across the world to shut down. About this, George R.R. Martin has hinted the Winds of Winter could release as soon as everything reopens and the lockdown ends.

Winds of Winter Release Date

Even though George R.R. Martin did not discuss about any particular book, enthusiasts were smart enough to figure out that he was talking about Winds of Winter. Below is everything we know so far regarding the upcoming book, the launch event, and the influence that the pandemic has had on the release.

George R.R. Martin Teases WOW Launch Event When Things Re-Open:

In this recent blog, George R.R. Martin wrote about his movie theatre in New Mexico, Jean Cocteau, that had to be shut down due to the novel pandemic. George R.R. Martin explained in his blog that he has been paying his staff by allowing them to work from home on the JCC YouTube channel.

But, the thing that astonished enthusiasts was George R.R. Martin’s statement, in which he teased his upcoming book; “We hope to keep adding content to the JCC… including new book events… once we reopen”. 

Although his stating “book events” could mean anything, we can assume that George R.R. Martin is subtly indicating that he will host an event for the release of Winds of Winter as soon as the lockdown ends.

Know all about Winds Of Winter

Winds Of Winter Progress Update & COVID-19 Effects

George R.R. Martin was scheduled to release the book at WorldCon 2020 in New Zealand, so the date was set to be in July 2020. Now, although the event has been canceled due to the outbreak, George R.R. Martin can still complete the book before the deadline and release it as soon as possible.

He even said that this pandemic could be a prospect for him to focus on his book even more and include new chapters to the storyline. It could be plausible that George R.R. Martin has already finished Winds of Winter. Nevertheless, the book will come at some point and enthusiasts can’t wait.


People have been waiting for a new book from the writer of A Game of Thrones. And finally, the author has promised to release a new book called “The Winds of Winter” in July 2020. 

He said he would release it at WorldCon 2020 in New Zealand, but since that has been canceled, we don’t know how he’ll release it. But, the author himself has said that COVID-19 has increased the time he utilizes to write the book. He might just complete the book before the deadline. Although, it’s still not certain whether he will or not.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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