Why Lululemon is so Expensive?

For your own Lululemon leggings, saving and budgeting are a must. These athleisure pieces cost an arm and a leg for a single pair going for $100+. Before you own the pair, it might feel like you are being extorted, but when you slide your body into them, the buyer’s guilt will leave your mind because they are worth every penny. Today we dig in to find out why lululemon is so expensive.

Many people wonder why they have to part with over $100 for a pair of leggings. One reason is that they are not just leggings but super leggings. According to one representative from Lululemon, they are better leggings than any other.

Why is Lululemon so expensive?

Why Lululemon is so Expensive?

The leggings are priced according to many factors like the commitment to bring a value fit, functionality, materials used, and the detailed craftsmanship and use of technology to get a perfect end product. The materials used are the top quality Holy Grail of leggings that cost more than popular see-through Polyester or spandex blends. 

However, every seller has the best words for their products. Don’t just take their word for it but research ‘Lululemon leggings’ on social media like on Twitter. You will come across different tweet variations on the subject. Customers don’t regret a moment for spending so much on these leggings. Whatever you find is not hype but the truth about the product. Don’t only be stuck on the prices but talk about the product quality.

Lululemon’s History

Lululemon’s founder of the now-iconic brand Chip Wilson was born during a yoga session. He noticed women wearing cotton clothing, which is not suitable for stretching and sweating. In a physical exercise class, the movements involved need a comfortable kind of dress that allows the wearer to stretch comfortably. 

Lululemon Athletica was initially known as Lululemon, and it was founded in 1998 with a value of $8.8 billion. Wilson took an interest in sports clothing and the ready market with low-intensity sporting clothes. He first targeted yoga teachers and students as his first customers then improved the product based on their feedback. 

Wilson’s dream and keenness took off, and with time women were snapping his yoga pants in and out of class. Slowly, the iconic “Wunder Under” leggings was followed up by “Sculpt” tank tops, yoga mats, “Speed Up” shorts, breathable tanks, stinkless running tops, and a colossal collection of hoodies and jackets. These iconic athleisure trends are now making customers globally happy. 

Factors that Influence Lululemon’s Prices

No question about Lululemon’s athleisure pricing, they are high. It is expensive but worth every penny. All competitors agree that the brand is overpriced and aspirational, although they look good on anyone and can stand all gym-based exercises: Extreme and vibrant. 

The company making lululemon devotes much time and resources while making their products at Whitespace Lab in Vancouver. Space is like a real lab equipped with everything developers may require to turn the fabric into a perfect fit. 

These pieces of equipment include sewing machines, gym machines, humidity-controlled chambers, and dunk pools. All these pieces of equipment work together to achieve a perfect feel in the clothing on the body.

Lululemon has die-hard fans who are loyal enough to pay the premium prices to own these clothes. Further efforts to demystify why lululemon is so expensive and still ruling the sports market. No negativity or scandal can affect the business. Take, for instance, the derogative comments by Chip Wilson — A former manager who stepped down after accusing the company of supporting child labor.

Why is Lululemon so expensive?

He also made disparaging comments about women’s bodies. None of that counted or affected business. As soon as it was said, it was gone with the wind! New brands like Fenty PUMA, Tory Sport, and Versace Gym are here to compete with Lululemon. However, there is no indication of coming close to the respected brand. 

Trade secrets by Lululemon

Today, it is a household name for its high-end prices on athletic apparel adored by many. Lululemon has had its share of secret tactics that can be polarizing to anyone, and here is a perfect example.

Reusable bags come with an inspirational company manifesto on the inside. The manifesto reminds people to be positive and keep good friends rather than money. There was an incident in Toronto where a mother washed her daughter’s lululemon bag, only for the manifesto to peel off, exposing other messages underneath. 

They started the difference between fanatics and athletes who are both pursuing relevance. Another said that everyone has about 30,000 days to live before death. The mother narrated the ordeal to a leading TV channel in Toronto, and when Lululemon gave a response, they did not deny it but said they took those messages seriously. 

To make the message stick, they stitched over the news to affirm the statements instead of replacing them. However, when the controversy continued, all remaining bags were destroyed. 


Hopefully, now you understand why is Lululemon so expensive. You have quality products that are made with details to fit and make the wearer comfortable. It is to price the products depending on the work and resources that go into making the product. 

Lululemon is not an exception to these factors. Save and get yourself a pair of these athleisure and determine if the product deserves such high prices since its customers are a satisfied lot.

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