Why is there a ‘Skyrim’ and a ‘Skyrim Special Edition’ Section in the Nexus Mod?

Do you already own the old edition of Skyrim and have perhaps thought of trying Skyrim Special Edition? If so, many questions might have lingered in your mind about how the new edition will work, especially in terms of saved games, mods, and, even more importantly, modded saved games. Skyrim, officially known as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game won’t die any time soon.

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A few years since its debut, it has had three DLC expansions. Moreover, it has a Legendary Edition compiling all its content into a single package. The Skyrim Special Edition Nexus, on its part, has enhanced graphics as well as mod support, all coming to PS4 and Xbox One. It brings to life the epic fantasies in stunning detail. On trying the improved Skyrim Special Edition, you won’t help to notice that your Nexus Mod has both Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition sections. This article highlights six of the reasons why the two sections are both present in the Nexus Mod.

Two Separate Games

You’re probably aware that the old edition of Skyrim and the special edition are two different games. If you are a proud owner of Skyrim and its expansions, the good news is that you get to own Skyrim Special Edition as well, free of charge. Besides, Skyrim Special EditionNexus won’t overwrite or replace your original Skyrim. The two are totally separate games. If you have any installed mods or saved games for your Skyrim Special Edition, you can still play them with your old edition of Skyrim, even after the appearance of the special edition.

You Can Use Existing Unmodified Saved Games with Skyrim Special Edition

If you saved some games in your old edition of Skyrim, you could still use them with the special edition. All you’ll need to do is copy the files from your original Skyrim and paste them in the special edition. This way, you get to pick up Skyrim Special EditionNexus exactly where you left in the original version. However, this is only possible with unmodded saved games.

Modded Saved Games Can’t Work with Skyrim Special Edition Nexus

All saved games where you used original Skyrim modes won’t work with your Skyrim Special edition. You only get to use original saves that were never used with mods. Be sure not to use any original saved game if you get an error to the effect that the save relies on content that may no longer be present. However, there are chances that particular files that only depend on mods with a Skyrim Special Edition equivalent may work. But this will not apply to most mod users as their modded files will depend on a currently incompatible mod in one way or the other. The best advice would be for mod users to expect a fresh start when playing Skyrim Special Edition.

Skyrim Script Extender and SkyUI Versions for Skyrim Special Edition are Incomplete

Skyrim Script Extender is an essential tool that most mods rely on. It expands both functionality and scripting capabilities for mods. It is worth noting that the Skyrim Script Extender was designed for a 32-bit platform like the Skyrim original version. The Skyrim Special Edition, being 64-bit, can’t work with the script extender. A new extender, known as alpha, has been designed for Skyrim Special Edition.

On its part, SkyUI is an ideal and popular mod for Skyrim. Many other mods require it for configuration. But SkyUI needs the Skyrim Script Extender to work. So, there needs to be a version of the Skyrim Script Extender for the 64-bit platform for there to be a workable version of SkyUI for the special edition.

There are Many Skyrim Special Edition Mods Already

Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition being two different games have forced modders posting their Skyrim mods on Nexus to basically create copies of their work. Many of them have done it already. Nexus Mods has made the process possible and quite easy for them.

Nexus Mod Manager Supports Skyrim Special edition

If you use the Nexus Mod Manager, the tool that manages your mods, you’ll probably notice that it supports Skyrim Special Edition. That makes the two Skyrim editions compatible in several aspects.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Skyrim Special Edition Nexus includes the original version of Skyrim, as well as add-ons with new features such as screen-space reflections, dynamic field depth, volumetric god rays, and re-mastered art and effects. Also, the special edition brings the power of mods to consoles and the PC. With the special edition, you get to experience new quests, weapons, armor, dialogue, characters, and environments, all with mods. However, as a Skyrim enthusiast, there are chances you might still need the old edition even after you upgrade to the special edition. That’s especially if you have saved games that you’d like to carry over to the special edition. That’s why the Nexus Mod has both the Skyrim and Skyrim Special edition sections.

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