Who is kiLL Edward? and Why did J. Cole feature him on his new KOD album?

Well, before I get into much details about kiLL Edwards, I just have to say, I am one crazy ass fan of J. Cole, so forgive me if my opinions sound biased to you. On Wednesday, April 18, J. Cole caused a huge stir on social media when he liberated the cover art for his fifth studio album, KOD. Along with the art, Cole World unveiled the tracklist for his hotly anticipated album, due Friday, April 20th.

The 12-tracked project certainly raised eyebrows in the hip-hop world because not only does the album with three different acronyms based off the title — Kids on Drugs, King Overdose and Kill Our Demons— but for the first time since his 2013 sophomore album Born Sinner, Cole nabbed a feature by an artist named kiLL Edward.

KiLL Edward is the sole feature and appears on two tracks: “The Cut Off” and “FRIENDS.” While his fans were baffled by Cole’s decision to end his streak of going “platinum with no features,” it appears that he duped us all.  On Monday, a new artist page was created on SoundCloud under the moniker kiLL Edward with one track. Titled “Tidal Wave (Just a Reference),” kiLL Edward‘s voice sounds like that of — J. Cole.

To further cement proof that kiLL Edward is an alias for Cole, a user on Twitter sped up Edward’s vocals, and the recording proved to be that its none other than Jermaine Lamarr Cole!!!

The Speed Up Version!!!

So Why Did J. Cole feature kiLL Edward???

My take on it is, he wants to make a statement with this, to everyone who criticized him for not featuring anyone on his projects after 2013’s born sinner. They want a feature, they get one but not the kind you would expect, he’s J. Cole and he doesn’t need to answer to no one.

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