Who is Helga Lovekaty? [Everything you Want to know]

Helga Lovekaty is undoubtedly one of the best when it comes to Russia’s finest models. The model has more than 4 million Instagram followers who crave her exquisite model photos. Helga is popular on Twitter and other platforms and the following is massive on each.

Helga Lovekaty

The reason for this is that she has an aura that is enigmatic which creates contrasting perceptions about her persona. Many of her fans wonder what her personality is like and this is what we are going to discuss in detail.

Who is Helga Lovekaty?

Helga Lovekaty is an Instagram star and model from St. Petersburg, Russia. She was born Olga Korobitsyna on May 7, 1992. She grew up in Khabarovsk and was exposed to the sparkly way of life. Her career kicked off after she was linked up by Pavel Durv, a business tycoon, and invited to his birthday party in 2013. Her sophisticated photos soon started flooding social media platforms when Pavel partnered with Alexsandr Mavrin to launch a network.

So far Lovekaty has managed to work with some popular brands and featured in several magazines on endorsements. She is the brand ambassador for Philip Plein as well as other designers. Manomy Sports Brand is also another huge adult modeling platform she has partnered with. Recently, she was signed to the modeling agency Marvin Models Management.

What Helga Lovekaty is known for are her natural curves as she has never been to a plastic surgeon. This has intrigued many of her fans and they flood her timelines just to get a glimpse of what her modeling life is all about. She ensures her fans are well served with nice shots of her in bikinis, pajamas, and exquisite lingerie. Lovekaty also tried acting in 2015 when she made an appearance in the movie Hardcore Henry.

Helga Lovekaty’s Personal Life

The model’s parents are not yet known but we have seen her posting photos of her sister called Daria Korobitsyna. She is the only family that has been publicized by the model on her social media pages.

She also made the news in 2018 as there were rumors of her relationship with James Rodriguez, a Real Madrid and Colombian International footballer. At the time, she was considered a villain that came in between the footballer and his ex-wife Daniela Ospina. Although they broke up on mutual grounds, fans were still saddened by the split and it was even worse when Rodriguez started dating Helga Lovekaty. However, the couple has remained committed to their relationship.

Helga Lovekaty’s Body Measurement

Image source- pikdo

This part excites all her fans, both men and women. She has a killer body, curvaceous in all the right places, suiting her career perfectly. Helga is 5ft 9 inches tall, proportional to her 119 lbs. the features that give her that sultry look is her unique body states of 33-27-24, a perfect dress size 6.


Not much is known about Helga Lovekaty’s background and this keeps her mysterious. She also does not delve into her personal life on social media and this keeps her fans craving for more.

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