Where can I find Dear Evan Hansen bootlegs?

Dear Evan Hansen is a popular musician whose music was done by Benj Pasek and lyrics by Justin Paul. It’s also featured in a book by Steven Levenson. The musical was opened in December 2016 at the Music Box Theater on Broadway. This was after an Off-Broadway production in March 2016 at the Second Stage Theater and a world premiere in July 2015 on Washington DC’s arena stage. The musical was nominated for nine awards at the 71st Tony Awards and emerged as the winner in six of them. 

Where can I find Dear Evan Hansen bootlegs

With its growing popularity across the world, you might have wondered where you can find Dear Evan Hansen bootlegs. Well, as you might well be aware, you cannot currently watch the full show online legally. Any online versions of the full show that you find online are illegal bootlegs.  So, where do you find Dear Evan Hansen bootlegs? Or you might want to add the word “legally” at the end of the question. If you want a full version of Dear Evan Hansen bootlegs that its production artists have allowed, below are some leads.

1. Purchase the Original Cast Recording

The first place you can find the full version of the Dear Evan Hansen bootlegs is by purchasing its original cast recording. You can find this recording on Amazon. This original Broadway cast recording was released on February 3, 2017, and bears the label “Atlantic Records.” Interestingly, you can choose to buy individual episodes if you don’t need the whole show, or have perhaps watched certain episodes and are only interested in a few. The 14-episode show is 56:29 long.

2. Purchase Individual Songs or Vocal Selections Book

Secondly, you can purchase the musical’s sheet music in the form of individual songs or a vocal selection book. For individual songs, you can visit Music Notes. Music Notes has the largest catalog of digital sheet music in the world. It features over 300,000 arrangements that you can play and print instantly. You can also download Music Notes’ free apps for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS to interact with their sheet music anywhere. Plus, you get to organize your music into setlists and folders, among others. For a vocal selection book, you can visit Amazon. The music will be shipped to you at your preferred location.

3. Purchase the Script (Book) of the Show

Dear Evan Hansen bootlegs book

The third place you can find Dear Evan Hansen bootlegs is Amazon. Here, you can buy the musical script in the form of a book. Again, Amazon will have it shipped to you.

4. Watch Ben Platt Singing “For Forever”

Fourthly, you can choose to watch Ben Platt singing “For Forever” on CBS’s Late Show. 

5. Watch “You Will Be Found” 

The fifth place you can find Dear Evan Hansen bootlegs is the Today Show. Here, you’ll watch the musical’s cast singing “You Will Be Found.”

6. Watch “Waving Through a Window”

Sixth, you can watch the Dear Evan Hansen bootlegs’ cast singing “Waving Through a Window” at the Tony Awards gala. 

7. Watch “Only Us”

You can watch the Dear Evan Hansen bootlegs’ promotional video titled “Only Us.” Similarly, you can watch Laura Dreyfuss and Ben Platt sing “Only Us” on the Today Show.

8. Buy a Playbill on eBay

Finally, you can buy Dear Evan Hansen bootlegs’ playbill on eBay.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, seeing some of these clips isn’t the same as watching Dear Evan Hansen’s bootlegs full show. Besides, you’d be doing the artists involved a great disservice because most of them are unauthorized recordings. The best way would be to travel to New York to watch the show or wait until there’s a tour. This will ensure you aren’t among those that steal art.

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