What Solar Generator Can Do at Home

A solar generator is a device that uses solar panels to produce electricity. Solar panels convert sunlight into direct current electricity that powers up your devices and appliances at home. It usually has AC outlets and USB ports.

Solar Generator

Solar Generators as Emergency Back-Up Plan

Solar generator serves as backup power in your household during power outages due to disasters and natural calamities that widely affect your community.

A typical generator can charge your gadgets and devices and can run small appliances at home such as blenders, slow cookers, microwave ovens, and others. Just enough for usage while waiting for the electricity to come back.

Your cell phones, radio, and televisions are essential communication tools in times of emergencies. Solar generators can only power small appliances and devices like cell phones so keeping your cell phones on throughout the entire power outage will be a big help already. 

Having your devices on, you will be able to communicate with other family members and friends, and you can also get updates regarding the current situation from battery-operated radios and social media platforms using your cell phones.

Four Main Sections of Solar Generators

Solar generators are composed of four major parts; the portable solar panel, the solar charge controller, the solar battery, and an inverter. In the absence of a single part, other parts will never be functional at all.

  • The solar panel converts sunlight into direct current electricity. The converted solar energy was passed directly to the solar charge controller.
  • The solar charge controller is in charge of regulating and controlling the voltage of the electricity in the solar battery.
  • The solar battery serves as the storage of solar energy while they are not yet in use.
  • The inverter serves as the power adapter that converts direct current electricity (DC) to alternating current electricity (AC) which is needed to run household appliances.

Why Solar Generator is Better

The solar generator uses solar energy to run appliances at home, therefore, you will be saving a lot from buying fuel because solar energy is free of charge and will always be.

It is environmental-friendly since it uses clean and renewable energy. You are allowed to help mother earth by using natural energies.

Solar generators are quiet and easy to operate. It may have a higher initial investment cost but offers a lower maintenance cost.

Remember this:

Solar generators cannot power up your entire household because the electricity will just depend on the capacity of the battery storage you have. The bigger the battery capacity of the solar generator, the longer the battery life it has to offer.

A solar generator is a must-have for every household, especially during emergency and natural disasters and you can find one in your favorite local stores.

As parents who are worried about their kids and their households during power outages, this will be a helpful tool for you. And if you are planning to buy one, you can check out this store for a variety of solar generators to choose from. Act now and always be ready for future emergencies.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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