What kind of business organization are Caleb and Anna operating under now?

The story of Anna and Caleb is set in Kansas in 1910. Their father Jacob Witting becomes a widow after losing his wife Kathrine during childbirth six years earlier. Taking care of his children alone turned out to be difficult then he advertised for mail order bride. So, what kind of business organization are Caleb and Anna operating under now?

Sarah Wheaton responded to Jacob describing herself as Tall and plain from Maine then travels to assume the role of a wife. She arrives and proves to be helpful even with the most laborious chores. Her quiet and warm personality blends well with the family, but she grows homesick, and the Kansas farmland is of no comparison with her Maine’s Ocean vistas.

There is no pressure for Sarah to marry Jacob, and she is free to leave at her will. The question is will she leave or stay? On the other hand, Caleb is a sweet, funny child who is confused about the changes happening in his family.

What kind of business organization are Caleb and Anna operating under now?

What kind of Business Organization are Caleb and Anna Operating under now?

Anna and Caleb are in a limited partnership, which is an agreement between two or more parties to do business together and share the proceeds. Besides a limited company, there are other Partnerships like General Partnerships, Sole Proprietorships, and corporations.

The general partner in a Limited Partnership takes care of debts and unlimited liabilities in the business. In contrast, the other partner is the silent partner who deals with limited obligations and responsibilities. 

Who is Caleb?

Caleb is a young brother of Anna, and he is the kind of child who is very curious. The book opens with him asking a question, “Did Mama sing every day?” He is asking Anna, his sister, to learn more about his mum who died after his birth. 

He lives with his papa, sister Anna, and two dogs named Lottie and Nick in a small house on the prairie. Caleb works very hard and helps in all chores like herding, plowing, and chopping firewood, and he even drives a wagon that is pulled by horses. He walks three miles to school in the winter. 


When Caleb learned about Sarah, he also wrote her letters asking so many questions like, if she likes small rooms and if she can make a fire. Besides his inquisitive nature, what kind of business organization are Caleb and Anna Operating under right now?

Getting to Know Sarah

According to Sarah’s replies to Caleb’s letters, she is bound to visit in a month and marry their dad if everything falls into place. But, Caleb is worried if Sarah will like them or if she will even be interested in staying. Anna is worried about the same things too. When Sarah finally arrives, Caleb welcomes her warmly and talks to her all day long.

As a child, Caleb is compassionate, and he understands people’s feelings. He is keen to notice everything, mainly when Sarah uses words like “later” which could mean she is staying. He also sees Papa and Sarah leaning toward each other, and he smiles.

Caleb was asking too many questions about the sea, and Sarah decides to draw the sea, and to Caleb, it appears unfinished. He chooses to color it to make it complete. Besides hard work, Caleb gets to play, have fun and crack jokes too. He makes up a song about a flower, woolly ragwort which Sarah liked back in Maine.


Anna handed Caleb her journal so that he could continue to write their family story. Although Caleb felt like there was nothing more to write, he accepted the offer. But, what kind of business organization are Caleb and Anna operating under right now?

Although Sarah misses the sea, she assures the children that departing from them would be worse than her overlooking the sea. The book ends with the Witting family together happy. 

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