What is Publix Oasis Passport?

Publix Oasis Passport is a self-service portal system where employees of Publix, a major US-based supermarket can log in. It’s a website that allows employees of the supermarket to log into their accounts and manage them. Once here, they can manage their work schedules as well as contact information.

What is Publix Oasis Passport Used for?

Publix employees can use the Publix Oasis Passport to know everything there is about their job, including their standing as employees. Through Publix Oasis Login, they can know whether their boss is fair and transparent in payment and other benefits. In other words, employees get to view all the information about their employment from their PC or mobile phone.

How to Login to Publix Oasis

As a Publix associate, you can access your account via pulix.org using your mobile phone or PC. Although there isn’t a mobile application yet for Publix Passport, there’s a website that’s compatible with all devices. You can view your account on your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

What is Publix Oasis Passport

The best thing about the Oasis Publix portal is that employees don’t need to register to get access to it, making it easier for everyone. All they need to do is obtain their login credentials from the HR department. The credentials include their user IDs and passwords. Sometimes, they may have to wait for their first paycheck to get their details. New associates can ask the HR department or their supervisor about how they can get their login credentials and when they can view details about their employment on Publix Oasis.

The Publix Oasis Login Guide

Associates must first ensure that their browsers are compatible with both the website and their devices. For iOS or Mac devices, Publix Passport can only work on the Safari 5.1 browser. It can also work on IE 7.0 for PCs. Windows, Android, and iOS users can access their accounts using Firefox 4.0. Unfortunately, the website isn’t compatible with Google Chrome, and therefore users won’t access it with the browser.

Second, users will need to go to the website’s login page using the link https://login.publix.org/login. Once on the website’s login page, they can key in their user ID as well as password, and then click or “tap on Login.” First-time users may have to provide some details about themselves, including their phone numbers and email addresses.

What if You Can’t Log in to Publix Passport?

There’re four main reasons why Publix Oasis Passport associates could have trouble logging in to their accounts. They include:

  1. Incompatible browser
  2. Misspelled domain name or misplaced symbols in the page’s link
  3. The ESS Runtime error may require users to refresh their browser
  4. Forgetting their password

Resetting Publix Passport Login Password and User ID

Publix employees are given emails that are associated with their Publix Oasis accounts. They will need these emails when they try retrieving their forgotten passwords and user IDs.

First, they’ll have to the website’s login page and click on “Difficulty with a password.” They’ll be redirected to the page where they’ll be prompted to key in their username. They’ll then be required to key in their user ID in the username field. Thereafter, they’ll receive an email from Publix asking them to reset their password. They should follow the directions given in the email to reset the password.

They’ll now be able to log in to their account using the new password. Alternatively, they can go to the website’s main menu and select “OSS,” from where they’ll be directed to their Public Oasis Schedule. The schedule comes in a calendar form enabling them to check their schedules and shifts. They may also use the tool to check if the data available matches their paycheck.

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