What is Pepega & What does Pepega mean?

Pepega is a twitch.tv emote that features a distorted image of the legendary Pepe the Frog, but with a liquid face. It’s used to ironically show that something is stupid. It’s used together with the slang derogatory to describe someone with a mental disability. Similarly, it’s accompanied by the words “FOR SAN” to refer to Forsen, the Twitch streamer. Online, Pepega is often posted in the /r/forsen subreddit and Twitch chats. The expression in Pepega leads to a stupid and comic face that makes the emote a natural humor element in most twitch streams.

What is Pepega

The Origin of Pepega

In a conversation, a user Adew posted on Discord the first-ever usage of Pepega on April 8, 2018. From the conversation, Pepega was born when Andrew attempted to post the meme but left out the second colon. This wasn’t the first time an emote had come from the character Pepe the Frog. Like other Pepe the frog emotes, the emote was capable of being adopted by wide streamers on the Twitch stream platform.

The Spread of Pepega

On April 8, 2018, Pepega was made part of FrankerFacez. On September 13 of the same year Elojudx, a Redditor, posted to /r/forsen something to the effect that the Pepega emote had been added to Forsen’s chat. This addition caused spamming of the emote, as community members were not pleased with it. On September 14, BikoPikog, a user, posted to /r/forsen a Ghostbusters parody of the Pepega emotes. On September 15, 2018, a screenshot of that spamming was posted to the subreddit. After five days of adding the emote to FrankerFacez, it was also added to Forsen’s chat

In an additional version of the Pepega emote, a horn was added to it and the words “FOR SAN” were typed as if it was shouting the name “Forsen,” but in a silly voice. Again, a screenshot of this spamming was on October 12, 2018, posted to /r/forsen, and another on October 17 of the same year, with the latter gaining over 240 likes.

Like Pepega, other Pepe the Frog emotes found their way to all emote lines, and this thing grew from worst to good. The Pepe emote is now well-known for its liquid face and unique kind of humor. It’s now commonly used by many twitch users because it’s humoristic. It’s also spreading across non-twitch platform memes areas.

Pepega Recently

Recently, the Pepega emote has grown its fame and found its way into several memes. Just like other motes such as Poggers, Sadman, and Pepehands had been widely accepted by the meme audience and twitch users, Pepega got the starlight being a Pepe emote. Beyond Twitch, Pepega has earned a lot of respect and is now a symbol of humor on many other social platforms. Reddit, Twitch, Tumblr, and the Twitch gaming platform are the places where Pepega is widely used in memes.

Pepega Megaphone

Pepega megaphone, commonly referred to as an alternative edition, was created in late October 2018 by Twitch users. It was made to scream “Forsen” loudly. The term megaphone was derived from its appearance where the emote appears with a red megaphone and screams while tying “FOR SAN.”

Pepega Penguin

Pepega penguin slightly differs from the Pepega emote itself. The term relates to Twitch stream’s VRchat Penguin Sicko mode. This is where players can find a penguin avatar. Here, the Pepega penguin is presented as a captured facial emotion of the penguin avatar. Pepega penguin grew in fame in stream memes and later found its way to Pepega.

Pepega Song

Some Pepega players and lovers came up with a Pepega song that’s now quite popular. The song is about the stream and emote-related jokes and was composed of a lean piano tune and a simple drum.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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