What Is Google Ultron?

If you’ve been on the internet around 2014, you may be no stranger to the infamous Google Ultron. It was a massive conspiracy surrounding Google and NASA. Even though it was an obvious spoof, people leapt on the bandwagon of “believing everything they see online”.

Both Google and NASA have been a source for conspiracy ever since they were formed. What do you obtain when you merge them? Nothing good, that’s for sure! Google Ultron is still a trending focus amongst technology-enthusiasts, however, back in 2014, it was a sensation.

In this article, I will clarify what Google Ultron is, and how it became as notorious as it is.

What Is Google Ultron?

What Is Google Ultron?

I’m sure you’ve heard of the recent “Area 51 Raid”, which was supposed to happen in September 2019 – this is something similar, except, instead of aliens, we’re looking for a super-browser. Yes, you heard that correctly!

Google Ultron was a conspiracy spread by the Jitterbug Gang, and people on the internet being as they are, believed it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all up for a Genghis Khan of browsers, but the specifications are far from reality!

How Did It Become Notorious?

Google Ultron is a fictitious, enhanced version of Google Chrome, which is said to be powered by Adobe Reader and used by NASA. But, where did this meme originate from? It was spawned by an anonymous user on 4chan, an image-board website, in 2014. He claimed to have been an IT consultant, regardless of any credentials.

It originated when the anonymous user was asked about his opinion on “the best browser”, and when he forgot the name of Google Chrome, he replied that he uses “Google Ultron”. He further accentuates on the lie by claiming that it’s used by NASA but appears exactly like Google Chrome. In addition to this, he tried to prove his qualification by claiming that he can download “Adobe Reader”, which is also referenced in the meme.

What Is Google Ultron?


I’ve mentioned above that the specifications of the browser are what make it unrealistic. Someone went out of their way to form a website for Google Ultron, which happens to be active even in 2020, and you can read everything in detail there. However, I’ve mentioned some of these specifications below;

Function In Zero-Gravity

Yes, apparently, Google Ultron is ideal for astronauts as, unlike other browsers, it can function in zero-gravity.


Google Ultron takes incognito-mode to a whole other level as, not only does it not record browsing-data, but also bypasses any restrictions or limitation on websites, such as porn or gambling, in your workplace or home.

Download RAM

Have you ever wanted to download more RAM on your computer instead of purchasing it? Well, it’s no complication with Google Ultron as you can simply download it for free!


Is modern security too much for you? With Google Ultron, you can just travel back to 1999, to the most top-notch security the internet can provide – the Internet Explorer 5.

Safety Fallback

Did your computer get infected with Jitterbug? Don’t worry, since Google Ultron and Adobe Reader will automatically uninstall from your computer, and set Internet Explorer as your default browser.

No More Autofill

Don’t even bother remembering your information or using autofill, as Google Ultron knows all your information by hacking your computer!

‘Pink’ For Power

Everyone knows that using the pink-theme on your browser can make it run 25% faster – that’s just science!


Google Ultron is merely a meme and not reality! Don’t attempt to download this browser as it does not exist. Seriously, do not download it – it can be a virus or malware!

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