What is Ceramic Coating & How to Apply Ceramic Coating?

Are you looking to add value to your vehicle’s exterior parts? Are you tired of cleaning your vehicle regularly and still stain inundate your vehicle and accords it an old look?

What is Ceramic Coating

If this is you, I bet you’ve heard of ceramic coating, but the elephant in the room lies in the fact that what is ceramic coating and how to apply ceramic perturbs your mind a great deal. Every car owner would desire their vehicle to have a good life. In fact, to have the original look as it was during the day of purchase. 

What is Ceramic Coating? How is this possible? 

It is quite annoying to see your exterior vehicle parts with not only stains but with water spots, swirl marks, grime, and chips covering nearly the entire parts of your vehicle exterior. With this narrative, tons of individuals have tried to clean this mess by applying some of the powder coatings. None seem to be reacting with the dirt, swirl marks, and chips to give your vehicle a substantial value. 

Thus, in this article, we’ve done explicit research from different car owners to know the telltale signs behind appealing, dirt, or stain-free vehicle exterior parts. Different companies have recommended different products for the same function. But, the sad reality, none is powerful to give your vehicle a substantial look. 

What product is the most suitable for giving your vehicle a good look? I hear you murmuring, huh!

So, what is Ceramic coating? Ceramic coating or Nano-Ceramic Coating is a liquid that adds significant value to your vehicle exterior. When applying this product to your vehicle exterior parts, the brand look you are craving will automatically be exuded. 

Therefore, the ceramic coating is a liquid characterized by large molecules incorporating a chain of many repeating units chemically formed.  This coating primarily is applied to the exterior parts of a vehicle to keep a good and value to your vehicle. 

A ceramic coating operates by creating a permanent bond with your existing vehicle’s paint in your vehicle. Meaning, this coat is durable when applied and reduces your time for repeatedly applying the coat or washing your vehicle exterior weekly or after a few months. 

The majority of car owners are wondering what is ceramic coating & how to apply the ceramic coating.  First-time users of this coating might have a monumental problem when dealing with ceramic coating. However, before you decide to purchase ceramic coating, it is prudent to acquaint yourself with the benefits the coating has to your vehicle exterior. 

In this post, here is what you’ll learn about what is ceramic coating;

  1. Benefits of ceramic coating
  2. Tools used to apply ceramic coating
  3. How to Apply Ceramic Coating?

Benefits of ceramic coating

Apart from adding value to your vehicle exterior, ceramic coating has several benefits that you must know before you decide on its usage. 

Here are the pertinent benefits to keep abreast of;

1. Lessen the amount of Oxidation

When you repeatedly expose your vehicle openly to the sun, the existing paint will start to oxidize making the paint fade away.

However, applying a layer of ceramic coating on your vehicle’s exterior will help to protect your vehicle from direct sunlight. This coating established on your vehicle will thereby help to lessen the impact of oxidation on your vehicle. 

2. Curb Chemical Stain

A chemical stain is a major threat to your vehicle.

Using a ceramic coating on your vehicle, the coat will help your vehicle to fight chemical stains by creating a resistant surface to such stains. By archiving this, your vehicle will be resistant to stains and make your car surfaces clean at all times. 

3. Repels Water 

This is one of the best traits that come with ceramic coating. 

Ceramic coating is hydrophobic, meaning it can repel water. Unnecessary water that might come into contact with your vehicle can slide off easily when your exterior is coated with ceramic. Also, the dirt, mud, or grime that may bond with your vehicle might have a difficult time settling on your vehicle’s exterior parts. 

Tools used to apply ceramic coating

Before you apply a ceramic coat, below are the tools you must have for the successful application of ceramic on your vehicle;

  • Buffer or hand
  • Two buckets of soap and water
  • 3 Microfiber towels
  • Paper towels

Here’s How to Apply Ceramic Coating?

Protecting your car paint is an ideal way to make it look good and add value to your vehicle. Thus, the ceramic coating is the best coating you can ever think of when you want to remove a chemical stain, mud, swirl maps, and chips among others from the surface of your vehicle. 

Here’s how to apply ceramic coating to your vehicle;

  1. Using the two buckets of soap and water, wash your car as the first step. Washing your car primarily helps to remove any solid dust, stains, or mud that might be on your vehicle’s exterior. 
  2. Dry your vehicle using a dry cloth or sponge and place it in a shady spot. While keeping your car in an enclosed place, ensure the temperature of your exterior vehicle is ranging from 50-70 degrees F. Beyond this or above can interfere with the ceramic application.
  3. After everything is kept intact, using the ceramic applicator cloth, dab the cloth with ceramic coating. 
  4. Apply the compound sparingly to your car exterior. After every minute, dab the cloth with more ceramic to make it simple and easy to apply to the whole vehicle. 
  5. After you are with the application. Take a rest and let the compound sit for about 1-5 minutes.
  6. After the car paint has absorbed the coating, some will evaporate leaving a shimmering car surface. Wipe the entire place you had applied the compound to maintain the shimmering surface on your vehicle. 
  7. You can let the product interacts with your car paint for 24 hours without moving your vehicle. 


Are you still wondering what is ceramic coating & how to apply the ceramic coating?  The above-mentioned points are crystal clear testimonies from potential users of ceramic coating. What is Ceramic coating, some of the benefits of ceramic, the tools used, and how to apply the coat are expounded following detailed research from different trusted sites? 

Rest assured the product will help your car a great deal. 

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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