What are the 5 Main Causes of Conflict?

Let me share a few of the instances with you. Just read them and think about what you will do if you find yourself in a similar situation.

What are the 5 Main Causes of Conflict?

Incident 1

So, because of a recession in the economy, you lost your job, your savings have vanished, and now you are going through a major financial crisis. Now, suddenly a distant relative of yours called you and asked for the money that they had given you the time you purchased your dream home. Now, they have given no typical deadline to you when the amount should be returned.

But now, as the situation of Covid is impacting everyone, they are also facing some major health issues and are in extreme need of money. So, what will you do? While you already have so many problems going on in your life, now there’s another issue that they have brought upon you. But thinking from their perspective, even they aren’t doing anything wrong here. It is their money, which they have saved for unfortunate times, and since you needed it that time, so they helped you. Now it’s your turn to return it as they need it back. 

Incident 2

Orvana and Siddharth both were childhood buddies. They studied in the same school, went to the same college, and later got the same job in a reputed firm. Orvana was an excellent-looking girl with superb communication skills and a perfect EQ and IQ. Even after being from affluent family background, she demanded nothing from her parents. Nor did her parents put any restrictions on her.

In short, she was a flying bird who was constantly reaching great heights. Orvana was a girl who seeks to enjoy the present. For her, money is just a matter of time and she believed in living in the moment. Siddharth was a timid person who lacked confidence. But this is what Orvana had fallen for. Siddharth always used to think about the future without really enjoying the present. He was more of an investor kind of person. Now, even after knowing the differences, they tied the knot.

Now, as they say, in the initial days, things were fine, but as time passed, they started fighting over little things. Siddharth started mocking Orvana for wasting her money on lavish items and asking her to invest her salary in shares and bonds. Whenever Orvana used to book luxury hotels for their birthdays or any celebrations, instead of enjoying, he used to shout at her for the amount of money she wasted on all the celebrations. He never used to buy her expensive gifts, and when she gifted him something, he used to ask her to stop doing that. Now, things were turning terrible. So, tell me, if you were at the place of Orvana, what did you do?  

Incident 3

Shreya was doing a fantastic job in her workplace. One day, during a usual one-on-one discussion, her manager Mr Kapoor told her she would take the lead on the new project. For this project, she needs to prepare the presentation by tomorrow.

Now he did not specify the timings. Neither did she ask. The loophole here is, Shreya and her manager both were in different countries, where the time difference is over 12 hrs. The next day when Shreya woke up to send the presentation, there were already 10 missed calls and a few emails from her manager asking for the presentation. Now, this situation has led to a serious problem in Shreya’s corporate ladder. 

Incident 4

Vaibhav was an average student from the beginning. He never cared much about academics, as his primary area of interest lies in the playground. Although he was sharp, he never took academics seriously. He always used to bunk lectures for playing cricket. Now, he was in 12th standard when his parents approached him and asked him to give his best in the board exams.

They promised him that if he scores about 95% then they will give him an iPhone. Vaibhav wanted an iPhone for so long. To get the present, he started taking his studies very seriously and even stopped playing cricket. He finally achieved to score the desired marks as well. Now, he went to his parents, but because of some reason, his parents could not give him an iPhone. This situation has made Vaibhav very depressed, and now he is not talking to anyone.

Incident 5

Shalini has two daughters, and both of them are amazing girls with a perfect balance of physical looks and mental capabilities. Both of her daughters are extremely passionate about their studies and wanted to go abroad for their higher education. They have even won the scholarship. Now, Shalini is a very conservative kind of mother. For her, sending her daughters abroad is a big deal. Now, where on one hand daughters are packing their bags, Shalini is trying to stop them by insisting they study in local universities only. Now, you can see where the situation is leading to.

What are the 5 Main Causes of Conflict?

I guess by now you must have got an idea of what we are talking about in this article. In all of the above incidents, there is a conflict that took place. Now the cause of the conflict might be different, but the result is most of the time the same. All conflicts result in the breaking of bonds, the precious bonds which took so many years and efforts to make, break within no time because of conflict. We all know how it feels when things are not in your favour, and no matter how much you try, things will not fall in place. 

While we cannot solve the issues when it has already taken the shape of a fireball, can’t we take a step forward in realizing the ultimate reason behind these conflicts? If we get the major reason, which is the root of all the conflicts, then the problem could be solved easily. 

So, let’s discuss some major causes of conflict that take place in today’s society. The interesting part here is you can relate these reasons to the above incidents. These causes relate to one incident mentioned above. 

Five major causes of Conflicts

1. Pressure

Pressure is one thing that puts a person in a lot of trouble. When people are pressurized, they become stressed and tense, which makes them even more irritated, and this causes triggers even more conflicts. It is important to cut the pressure. Now, the thing is how to do it. How to cut this pressure. 

Here, we are not only talking about financial pressure. The pressure could be because of anything–academic grades, workplace pressure, peer pressure, and much more.

Relating to the incident, Financial pressure can be avoided by being informed. Create a passive source of income with your professional job. Never rely on a single salary. Have savings. Make investments. Spend wisely. Always have a backup. These are some decisions you can make in your life to avoid any financial pressure on yourself. 

Similarly, there is a solution to everything. No problem arises without a solution. All it just takes is a little bit of mindfulness. 

2. Communication

Talking about communication is an important aspect of creating and breaking bonds. Where having excellent communication skills can get you a high-paying job, but lacking the same could make you stand in the last position on the corporate ladder. Not only in the career, in personal life as well, but communications also play a major role. In the second incident, Orvana and Siddharth talked to each other thoroughly and discussed their interests and passions, making a final decision mutually. Then things would not have turned this bad. 

3. Lack of Information

We all know how harmful a lack of information is. In the third incident, we have seen how Shreya has invited trouble for herself by not asking for the relevant details about the timings beforehand. Similarly, in other situations as well, one should always ask sample questions and leave no stone untouched in giving your best. 

4. Expectations

When we expect something, and the other person does not fulfil it, it causes a lot of conflicts. Therefore, it is advised to live without expectations. Now, in the fourth incident, Vaibhav expected an iPhone from his parents, which they could not fulfil because of some reason. Although there must have been some reason his parents cannot give him what they promised. But situations like these are a reason for bigger conflicts as well. So, the thing to do is to avoid expecting anything in return.

5. The difference in opinions

In the fifth incident, we have seen how the difference in opinions causes a conflict in the relationships. Shalini, as a mother, is protective of her daughters and wants them to be on her side. While her daughters are extremely passionate about their careers and want to study abroad. These differences in opinions create problems in different situations of life. So, the only potential solution here is to open yourself to fresh ideas, thoughts, and opinions. Listen to others, know their perspective, and then decide mutually on a final decision. 

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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