What Are Forbidden Riffs?

Have you ever needed a song so much that it becomes agonizing? I’m certain that most of you can’t relate yourselves to this, and it makes sense; why hear something so much that it becomes excruciating? 

However, sometimes, the music doesn’t STOP. If you’re a rock enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of ‘Stairway to Heaven. It became clichéd to an extent that they had to ban, yes ban, the melody in guitar stores!

All of this might seem exaggerated, but it’s not. In this article, I will emphasize what forbidden riffs are, and why you would probably never heed them in a guitar store!

Forbidden Riffs

What Are Forbidden Riffs?

As mentioned above, a forbidden riff is a notorious song, which is frolicked to an extent that it loses its appeal, and instigates irritation instead of tranquillity. Needless to say, this doesn’t mean that the music is necessarily “bad”, but rather, the individual grows weary of it.

It is also important to mention that forbidden riffs aren’t considered a “crime” in the musical community. If you’re passionate about these songs, you’re liberated to listen to them. However, you’ll probably be confronted with criticism from someone who hates it!

I salvaged all across the internet, albeit, I was unable to find any context regarding the prominence of forbidden riffs, however, from what I did find, I can tell that these songs were generic in guitar stores, and like every other thing, people didn’t find them riveting anymore. Hence, they became exceptional in guitar stores!

Top 5 Forbidden Riffs In Guitar Stores

Stairway to Heaven

Who can overlook this iconic masterpiece? It was composed in 1971 and has tormented everyone ever since. Is it even possible to adore and disgust something at the same time?

Sweet Home Alabama

Admit it, you heard this in your mind when you read the name! Imagine being a vendor and hearing this EVERY DAY.

Sweet Child O’ Mine

From Guns N’ Roses, arises this bewildering, yet awful music. What was once a practice, is now torture!

Smoke On Water

Ah, a classic from the 70s! If you’re procuring a new guitar, DON’T play this, and you’d be doing your guitar store a courtesy.

Enter Sandman

This song concerns a child’s nightmare – ironic, considering that it eventually became a riff loathed by many.

Forbidden Riffs

What Is ‘Stairway To Heaven?

If you’re passionate about rock music, this one’s an iconic masterpiece! However, as renowned as it is amongst fanatics, it is as tarnished for its “aggravating” melody. Composed in 1971, ‘Stairway to Heaven is a rock song from the English rock band, Led Zepplin.

‘Stairway to Heaven is acknowledged as one of the greatest rock songs, that paved the way for the progressive-rock period. It is notable for its introductory guitar section and became one of the most iconic guitar riffs ever written. As a consequence, it became so “abused”, to the point that you couldn’t walk into a guitar store without noticing someone frolicking on a guitar.

Eventually, it became timeworn and died. Is it banned? Well, no! However, in a culture established around memes, jests instigated on the tune getting “banned”. People are self-aware of the joke now, yet it doesn’t prevent them from playing the music.

“Music is everybody’s possession. It’s only publishers who think that people own it.”

  • John Lennon

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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