What are the benefits of Wife Sharing?

Wife sharing is different from a swinger’s lifestyle. Here, more than one couple has sexual relationships with the wife of different couples. This is a taboo in many traditional marriages but you cannot ignore the many benefits although the world is now more tolerant. For instance, a husband will face the wrath of the society if he chooses to sleep with another woman who is not lawfully his wedded partner, and the same goes for the woman.

However, one of the things worth noting about wife sharing is that sex in this kind of relationship is not cheating but as part of a couple. Here are just some of the benefits you will experience in an open relationship involving wife sharing.

Wife Sharing

1.    Fulfilling a mutual interest

Usually, the couples involved in wife sharing share common interests and with those they are comfortable with. The woman is supposed to have authority over who their man chooses to sleep with and this eases the fear of partners cheating. Also, the couples make rotations of the partners they feel attracted to.

You might find some of your friends attractive but they might not understand this type of lifestyle and it is safer to be open around the friends you share mutual interests with.

2.    The chance for sexual exploration

Wife sharing offers a more comfortable outlet for exploring sexual desires. The woman will enjoy herself; keeping in mind the husband is watching her have sex with someone else.  For bisexual encounters, you might find it difficult to find a lesbian or bisexual woman willing to participate since most will want a committed relationship. This might not be friendly to the current relationship you have but there is still the freedom to engage the other woman as well.

3.    Higher trust levels

Wife sharing couples tend to trust each other more. This is because the couple will be less jealous especially if the sharing if only for intimacy rather than cheating. The fact that all the participants know each other’s sexual partners, couples tend to be more secure and open.

Unlike monogamous couples, men can hide their passions and have a higher possibility of wandering and the women have intimate relations with other parties that cause controversies. However, with wife sharing, the woman decides who the partner can have intimate relations with and vice versa, building trust among the partners.


Despite being scoffed at, wife sharing has paid off a great deal to those who have tried it. It is also worth noting that not all the members of the couples will accept wife sharing and you must have trust and open communication amongst yourselves. Since in these kinds of relationships, people are free to explore their sexual fantasies and pleasures safely, it is important to be open to avoid hurting the feelings of other partners. If you do wife sharing the right way, you will have more fulfilling sexual lifestyles among the couples. Go back to home page here.

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