The Weeknd Haircut & Hairstyle

The Weeknd Hairstyle: The Weeknd’s hairstyle used to be the wildest in the music industry. While the R&B artist cut his hair short, The Weeknd’s new hair still looks stylish and fresh. By going from long dreadlocks to a short afro with twists and curls, The Weeknd proved that his edgy look wasn’t the only reason he was getting famous. Nevertheless, fans are still in love with his signature hairstyle and want to know how to style it.

The Weeknd’s Hairstyle

Whether you’re curious about his latest short haircut or want to learn how to get awesome locs, The Weeknd’s hair is still a big part of the celeb’s brand. Below, check out The Weeknd’s dreads before he cut his hair as well as his recent look.

Dreadlocks with High Skin Fade and Beard

Short Afro Fade with Beard

Taper Fade with Edge Up and Full Beard

Dreads Tied Up

Nappy Afro with Line Up

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