Ways to prevent blood clots

Blood clots could be found in various parts of the body and most times doctors recommend blood thinners but instead of downing pills, here are ways to prevent blood clots:

Be aware with the blood clot

It is very important to be aware with the blood clot. One need to have knowledge about blood clot that can occur to anyone and at any age. The risk of having a blood clot or VTE for the first time is 100 in 100,000. It keeps on increasing by an increase of age. It is very important to overall health so that you can be safe from the blood clot. A sibling who has gone through the recent surgery have the high risk of blood clot.

Exercise to prevent from blood clot

If you want to prevent the blood clot then you need to do regular exercise. It has proven that with the regular exercising one can prevent the blood clot easily. You can do any exercise for twenty to thirty minutes every day. In this way, you will be healthy and can prevent blood clot without any difficulty.

Keep your body hydrated

Another way to prevent the blood clot is to keep your body hydrated. Drink adequate amount of water so that you can maintain the proper level of the water in the body. This will also help to make the blood thin due to which you can prevent the blood clots without any problem. Dehydration can make your blood thick which promotes clot formation. It is not necessary that you have to drink water every time you can take juice or any other type of flavored liquid that can help you to maintain the water level in the body.

These are the few ways to prevent a blood clot.

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