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Status: Likely Ended

Magi is a series of series if you like and The Adventures of Sinbad was just one of those series. Released in 2016, this anime series will sadly remain just one season with it wrapping up after 13 episodes. We could be wrong but given how its predecessor (The Labyrinth of Magic) hasn’t had a season since it first released in 2012, it’s a stretch to think that this one would.

You’re probably as frustrated as I am with a lot of the statuses above but as we’ve stated previously, anime takes time to produce and it often outstrips its source material pretty quickly. You also have to deal with the fact that Japanese studios simply don’t work on the tight schedules that western animation houses do. Either way, what anime series do you want to see Netflix continue? Let us know in the comments.


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Watch Spider-Man: Homecoming on Netflix

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