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Viviana Volpicelli

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Viviana Volpicelli is a 25-year-old Blogger, was born on May 9, 1995, and she has a net worth between $1 Million – $5 Million. Her primary revenue source is from successful Blogging, and she hails from California, United States of America. Her blogging career began in 2017, and she is one of the famous faces on Instagram.

Viviana Volpicelli Biography

Viviana Volpicelli is a well-known blogger for various niches such as fashion, makeup, fitness, and skincare on her self-titled blog. On social media, she is a force to reckon with in California on May 9, 1995. 

Vivian has a boyfriend who is a professional footballer Nelson Agholor. The two met at the University of Southern California where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science, in 2017. Nelson was playing for the school team, Trojans. As a successful blogger, she ranks among the top famous people born on May 9, 1995. 

Also, she is one of the affluent bloggers in California. When she is not blogging, Vivian loves to watch reality shows, and she is also a star in The Real Housewives of Footballers.

What is Vivian’s Net Worth?

By the lapse of 2019, Viviana Volpicelli net worth was estimated to be between $1million – $5Million a tremendous growth from the previous year when she was worth about $1Million. Her known primary source of income is blogging, and her monthly salary is not yet disclosed.

As a beauty blogger and a social media influencer, her assets keep growing. She earns a reasonable amount from IG ads about $359 to $598, where she has 119,000 followers.


She was born to Dr Anton Volpicelli, who was a medic in El Segundo medical centre, California and her mother, Diane Volpicelli, who was a realtor. Her childhood was comfortable as her parents had good jobs and supported her wholly even in her career choice today. There is no more information about her nuclear family, whether she has siblings or not. 

Career and Relationship Status

Viviana Volpicelli relationship status

True love is rare, and not everyone finds it. Some people spend a whole lifetime searching for it while others are lucky to find it at a tender age, and it lasts forever. Viviana found love early in her life, and she plans to spend her life with Nelson, her love. 

Nelson Agholor is a Nigerian who migrated to America at the age of five. In 2017, he was part of the national Nigerian national football team, Super Eagles after winning the Super Bowl. Volpicelli was in attendance to support her boyfriend. It is after the match that she posted on IG that they were an item.  

However, dating a footballer is not how she made her name. Volpicelli is independently famous for her blogs on fashion. Her beauty blog went live in 2017, and she posts beauty and skincare tips. The niche was inspired by her suffering from acne, (a condition that mainly affects the skin) which considerably bruised her self-esteem.   

She researched widely about various skin types then began to make products that worked for her, and she decided to share them with the public. Vivian says that her blogs target women who have, in one way been broken and are looking to boost their confidence and to maximize their bodies best. 

Besides posting trending beauty products, she posts products used by affluent people all over the world. She also promotes iconic products like Adidas, Gucci, Barneys New York, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Kim Kardashian West.

Facts about Vivian

  1. She is born into a family of Italian and German heritage
  2. The 25-year-old blogger joined Palos Verdes High School an institution famous for notable alumni
  3. The beauty blogger says that she enjoys her company and loves deep conversations.
  4. Currently, she lives in Philadelphia and Los Angeles – but more in the latter to be closer to her love Nelson.
  5. Vivian is an animal lover, and she has a cat pet, Melo.
  6. On IG, she has 119,000 followers.
  7. Viviana was born in Southern California, United States, on May 9, 1995. 
  8. Her sun star sign is Taurus, well described as practical, determined, ambitious, stoic, and stubborn.
  9. The American blogger is in a relationship with Nelson Agholor, a football star who is a Nigerian descent but migrated to the USA.
  10. Her Dad Anton Volpicelli is a doctor and her mum Diane Volpicelli was a realtor.
  11. She is a science graduate from the University of Southern California.
  12. The social media influencer also went to USC’s Price School of Public Policy, majored in real estate development, graduated in 2017 and began her career the same year.
  13. She has a website where she blogs about beauty tips, makeup, skincare, and fashion.
  14. The Instagram star is 1.55 meters tall.


Viviana Volpicelli is an American media influencer born to Anton and Dianne Volpicelli 25 years ago, in Palos Verdes California, in the United States of America. Her parents had good jobs, and she had a comfortable childhood. She attended Palos Verdes High School before joining the University of Southern California in 2013.

She is in a stable relationship with one Nelson Agholor, a professional footballer who lives in Los Angeles. Their relationship went public in 2017, the year she began her blog on beauty tips, diet, healthcare and reviews of trending products by wealthy people.

The IG star is among the most famous, and she enjoys lifting women who have had their self-esteem dented by adverse life experiences. She also serves as an example who had acne that put her down, but she researched and found skincare products that worked for her. Through her blog, she convinces people to buy her products.

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