Best Use Of Floor Marking Tape on the Job Site

Floor marking tape is a piece of essential equipment that enables efficiency. Read on to learn about the use of floor marking tape on the job site.

Floor marking tape, also known as safety floor tape, is one of those simple tools that can have a bigger effect than you’d expect in the workspace. Not only is it an effective form of communication, but also a sign that your company is dedicated to its safety protocols.

This tape can either be applied to the floors or the walls, depending on where it is needed and helps in quickly providing information about the marked areas. This will help keep track of safe areas and dangerous areas and can even highlight places where emergency equipment and special tools for the job are kept. Either way, floor marking tape on the job site is quite an effective tool, and this article will show you five reasons why.

1. Borders to Maintain Safety

There are several types of work environments, from a regular office to dangerous construction work, and floor marking tape can be of use to a wide range of these occupations, especially those that require marking borders.

In work environments where there are strict protocols due to the risk of ruining the work or even worse, putting someone’s life in danger, floor marking tape comes in very handy. Since floor tape can be used in different colors to mark out safe places versus hazardous places, it is almost impossible to miss, keeping everyone safe.

Furthermore, you can also create borders for different types of equipment. Both the equipment and the hazardous chemicals that might go with it can also be marked accordingly. For example, use red tape to mark hazardous chemicals and use blue tape to mark safe zones where work has concluded.

2. Mark Routes for Vehicles and Foot Workers

Another key advantage floor tape can offer if used properly is guidance. How you may ask? Well, in a business environment, especially the busy ones where forklifts and other vehicles are constantly moving around, there is a chance of them bumping into business equipment, into each other, or even hitting an employee.

For businesses, their vehicles’ safety and their employees’ safety are of utmost importance, so this is where marking tape, a small yet useful tool, can help by marking the spaces where it’s safe to walk.

Floor marking tape can create safe routes for the vehicles to make sure they don’t hit anything and get to their designated location properly. This also includes safe routes for the on-foot workers. Furthermore, entrances and exits can be marked so workers and vehicles can easily find their way out when they need to.

3. Designating Rooms, Storage, and Equipment

An efficient workplace is important for optimum worker efficiency. Big workplaces often suffer from confusion with directions, which can be quite bothersome. After all, as owners, you wouldn’t want to see workers waste time getting lost while going to important locations. As mentioned before, the tape can be used to point out the directions to such important rooms.

The tape can also be used to separate different types of equipment so that they are stored in an organized manner and can be easily located when they are needed. This is also the case for materials that the company uses. The tape is capable of giving directions for practically everything, from parking forklifts to finding materials when needed. Marking tape can help do it all!

4. Avoiding Danger

Some workplaces are just not as safe and secure as others. Whether it’s saving you from a slip due to a water spill or from hazardous chemicals due to an accident, floor tape can keep you safe.

Taping is also a great way of marking safe directions for on-foot workers and reminding them of any problems such as creaky stairs or unstable ramps. After all, a simple heads-up might just be enough to save a person from a tragic accident.

5. Use Glow Tape for Emergencies

Emergencies can occur at any time, and the first thing to go at such a time is often the electricity. It becomes very difficult to see anything in the dark, and this adds to the confusion and panics your workers may be experiencing.

Luckily, some tapes are glow-in-the-dark! The best way to prepare yourself for expensive home emergencies.

This means that even if the lights turn off if your exits are marked with this tape, you can see where they are and easily get to safety. It can also be used to point to places that are vital during emergencies such as the first aid kits, electric panels, and fire extinguishers.

How to Use Floor Marking Tape Effectively

Just getting the tape won’t be enough to create your workspace by itself. It requires proper planning and communication between the workers so that everyone is aware of the meanings of the tape signs. The type of workplace is also an important variable, as some need a strong tape that doesn’t wear out easily to give directions whereas some need detailed signs so that there is no gap in communication.

Lastly, using different colors is a smart idea, but try to keep it simple since people can easily forget their meanings and hence, cause accidents. So make sure to do the proper planning and communicate thoroughly.

In Conclusion

We recommend that you create a floor plan using a map of your workspace while taking note of all the facilities that operate in it. Furthermore, this is simply not a one-day process and may take re-doing every few months as the tape will wear out at some point.

However, since safety and proper organization are both key goals of companies, we can assure you that using floor marking tape on the job site will prove to be beneficial in the long run as it will help in preventing accidents.


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