Toronto vs Vancouver: Which city is better to live in 2022

Toronto and Vancouver are the two most popular cities in Canada and both cities are beautiful to live in too. Read this article to know the best things about the two cities that will help you to choose which to live in.

1. Toronto vs Vancouver;

You must be knowing that the immigration site of Canada crashed after the Presidential Election result of the U.S. 2016. The country is considered a safe haven from its noisy neighbors. 

However, is Toronto vs Vancouver a genuine argument? Which one is better to live in? We will be giving you the rundown on which city is the best place to simply visit or to live in. What makes YYZ different from Gastown? We will cover it all from the cost of living to safety. 

2. Toronto vs Vancouver: Toronto;

Toronto holds everything near and dear to the English denomination of Canada. It is a very popular as well as great city in the country. If talking about urban planning, Toronto is the most visited location in the whole country with museums, national galleries, and multicultural arts centers. 

It is the 29th most visited city in the whole world and one of the most famous spots to emigrate.

2.1. Toronto vs Vancouver: Is Toronto a safe city?

To be brutally honest, Toronto might be the safest city you’ve ever come across in terms of everyday crime. It may differ from where you’re traveling from. But if you compare Toronto to the other parts of the Americas, it is definitely the safest of all.

You can also get free travel insurance when it comes to protecting yourself in this city from SafetyWing. 

If you want to know the statistics, Canada is in the top 10 safest countries across the globe. However, we are not going to cater to the utopia of unregulated and unprompted safety. There exist petty crimes for sure and the city also has faced odd terrorist attacks. But as you know, this is quite normal for a major western city.

2.2. Toronto vs Vancouver: Where to live in Toronto?

The city has 140 officially recognized and 239 unofficial neighborhoods. This is the reason Toronto is also known as the “City of neighborhoods” with a perfect blend of high-rise and suburban livable areas. 

It is not very easy to depict where would you want to live in Toronto, but here are the highest-rated neighborhoods: Kensington Market and Little Italy in the west. These two are popular because of their professional atmosphere and eateries.

2.3. Toronto vs Vancouver: Cost of living in Toronto;

When you’re comparing Toronto with Vancouver, the housing prices make quite an interesting factor. 

Vancouver is cheaper in terms of 1 bedroom apartments in the city center and suburban areas. But for 3-bedroom apartments in the city center and suburban areas, Toronto is cheaper. 

From this difference, we can easily depict that the demand for 1 bedroom apartments is higher in Toronto than in Vancouver which makes Vancouver family-friendly and Toronto an entry-level worker’s friendly city.

3. Toronto vs Vancouver: Vancouver;

This is one of the most underrated cities in the Americas for tourists. Thousands of people choose to live in this city every year. But we will focus on what makes people move here or travel here over Toronto. 

The climate is one of the biggest factors and it is less extreme in Vancouver than in Toronto.

3.1. Toronto vs Vancouver: Is Vancouver Safe?

Vancouver is a lot more relaxed city when compared to Toronto. Toronto is the largest city in Canada with 6 million people, this is quite natural. The population in Vancouver is 2.5 million and that makes it less dangerous as there’s less chance of crime. 

The higher crime rate per capita is seen in Toronto. So when you’re comparing the size of these two cities, Vancouver is undoubtedly the safer one. 

As we mentioned before that it is really utopic to call it a city without any crime. Petty crimes or general unkind acts might happen in Vancouver as well. 

3.2. Toronto vs Vancouver: Where to live in Vancouver?

It is easier to find the best spot to live in than in Toronto. Vancouver is a lot more spacious city and it is easier to set up a home for yourself in Vancouver. Some of the best locations in Vancouver are;

  • Kerrisdale
  • Marpole
  • Kitsilano
  • City of Burnaby

3.3. Toronto vs Vancouver: Cost of living in Vancouver;

  • The estimated monthly cost for a family of four is 4,343,49C$ without rent.
  • The estimated monthly cost for a single person is 1,180.15C$ without rent.
  • The cost of living in the index is 12.58% lower than in London.
  • Rent in Vancouver is, on average, 29.41% lower than in London.

Key points;

  • Vancouver ranks number 154 and Toronto at 155. 
  • Toronto is the cultural and economic hub of Canada but can be hectic and chaotic at the same time.
  • When raising a family and needing a calm aura, Vancouver is the best place to live in
  • Toronto is an incredible tourist spot.

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