Top ways to control diabetes

Exercising has always helped to keep your body fit and fine. It has helped to cure and prevent many ailments. Diabetes is one such chronic diseases, which can be controlled by doing a few specific exercises. So exercise is one of the top ways to control diabetes.

Diabetic patients are prone to fall prey to severe kinds of ailments like heart strokes, kidney malfunction and complications arising in the nervous system. Hence, it becomes mandatory to control the level of glucose in the body. You can consider the exercise as a part of your treatment.

Kind of exercises helpful for diabetic patients:

Brisk walking

Regular long and fast paced walks will surely help you to reduce your sugar level. The risk of suffering from coronary artery diseases can also be reduced.


There are many exercises in yoga such as Pranayam, Saetubandh asana, Balasana, Vajrasana and Sarvangasana, which can give you relief from stress, regulate the blood flow and reduce excess amount of glucose in your body.

Strength training exercises

This kind of exercises helps you to keep your body parts strong and increase your immunity level. You will feel fresh and stress free.
It is advised to do exercises only after consulting your physicians. Overexerting yourself may lead to conditions like Hypoglycemia. This in turn further leads to fatigue, dizziness or to experience seizure. You need to include food rich in proteins and vitamins in your daily diet. Diabetes weakens your bones, and hence you need to take calcium, vitamin D and mineral to strengthen your bones.

Don’t do any exercises on an empty stomach. It may give undesired health issues. To make your workout more enjoyable, select the activities that give you pleasure. Playing tennis, dancing and swimming are great outdoor activities, which will control your sugar level. Daily half an hour activity is enough to control diabetes. Note down your blood sugar levels regularly, in order to know if the exercises are giving you positive results.

You should start doing them for a few minutes before gradually increasing the time of workouts. By opting for popular programs like Diabetes Protocol, you can lead a healthy life, just like anybody else, in spite of suffering from diabetes.

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