Top 10 Best DOS Games Of All Time

When it released in 1981, MS-DOS wasn’t a prominent platform that one would consider for video-games. However, as time went on, many developers released thousands of games for it. These games became a benchmark for what we have nowadays and pioneered the way for PC gaming.

Whether it is reminiscence that you want or just to see what video-games were like back in the 90s, in this article, we’ve mentioned the top 10 of the best DOS games of all time. If you want, you can purchase some of these games online and play them with an emulator software known as, DOSBox.

Top 10 Best DOS game



Day of the Tentacle is an action-adventure game in which you play as a triad of weird adolescents to stop an evil purple tentacle from taking control over the world. Developed by LucasArts, this game has a collaborative, comical and compelling storyline.  In fact, many critics consider Day of the Tentacle to be a spectacle for the adventure genre in video-games.


Command & Conquer: Red Alert is based in an alternate universe in which Albert Einstein went back into the past and assassinated Hitler. As a result, the Nazis never existed in the World War II. However, a consequence to this was the Soviet Union now in the Nazis’ place and their control over all of Europe, as they persuade their allies into war against their enemies. Command & Conquer: Red Alert is acclaimed for its interface, graphics and complicated combat decisions, along with an immersive and interactive storyline.


Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss places players in real-time combats and adventures, in the Stygian Abyss, to save a baron’s abducted daughter. Some claim Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss to be pioneer of first-person RPGs because of its immersive simulations, allure and features at a time that games were unadorned and motionless.

#4: BLOOD (1997)

Blood is one the most unnoticed MS-DOS games when it comes to FPS games. Even for its time, the game was at par with the prominent Quake on all terms. Blood is an artistic and immersive game that takes place in a world with insane cults and their malicious God. In terms of graphics, sound and gameplay, Blood was ahead of its time!


Developed by Richard Garriott, Ultima VI: The False Prophet is a vibrant RPG that is based in the inclusive world of Britannia. Here, the animals are free in the wild, rivers run into the oceans and each protagonist ventures new places, even when you are not playing. Ultima VI: The False Prophet was the first game in the Ultima franchise to debut on MS-DOS and featured aspects that were seldom found in MS-DOS games at the time. The game was a remarkable and realistic experience for gamers back then!

#6: SIMCITY (1989)

We’re certain that you’ve heard of the infamous Sims franchise. SimCity was the first game in the series to debut. The game has no ambition other than to simulate a world however the player decides. You could build your own world for however many times you wanted to and you’d never get tired of it. SimCity first released onto the Amiga platform but soon came to MS-DOS and became a sensation. The game was an inspiration for future platform games, such as Civilization.

#7: X-COM: UFO DEFENSE (1994)

X-Com is acclaimed by many PC enthusiasts as the “best PC game of all time”. The game places the player as a soldier in combat, in an alien invasion. It allowed players to customize their soldiers, which became the reason for them becoming attached to their creations. X-Com had endless combinations for equipment and placed the player in a random world. From the creative aspects of SimCity to references from pop-culture, X-Com was a concoction of everything that a game could have.


Scorched Earth is acknowledged as a milestone in PC gaming because of its many gameplay options, introduction of computer A.I. and almost endless replay possibilities. Up to 10 players, each in charge of a tank can conspire for the demise of their comrades at the hands of a Nuke, MIRV or Death’s Head over almost 1,000 rounds. Scorched Earth sold in the millions and it was phenomenon for PC gaming back in the day.


Similar to SimCity, Sid Meier’s Civilization is an endless, turn-based historic platform game that provides players the option to determine the outcome of civilizations over the duration of time. The game incorporated almost all of humanity into a small 3 MB MS-DOS game, which soon became a prominent franchise.

#10: DOOM (1993)

Ah yes, the notorious Doom; a fast-paced FPS game that provides action and adventure at the same time. Doom pushed computer hardware to new summits with its innovative aesthetics and immersive gameplay. The premise of the game is simple; you combat a finite crowd of monsters from Hell until you reach the end. Doom also introduced many multiplayer options, such as Deathmatch, which became the benchmark for FPS games today. The franchise continues to prosper and even to this day, Doom is recognized as one of the most hardware-intensive games in the world.

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