Tips to disguise your advantage when gambling in a casino table

Want to know tips of casino camouflage and how to employ this strategy in your gameplay to help you win? You might have heard of the expression “poker face” if not in a kasino jackpot setting, no doubt you will have heard Lady Gaga belting the phrase out over the radio.

Tips to disguise your advantage when gambling in a casino table

To have a good poker face basically means to disguise your advantage by not giving anything away to other players. You can also use it to bluff and disguise your disadvantage, too, as a poker face means you show no positive or negative reactions whilst playing. But how do you do this effectively? Here are some tips for the best way to disguise your advantage, or disadvantage whilst gambling!  

Keep your facial expression in check 

One of the most important things is to make sure that your facial expression isn’t a dead giveaway as this is what other players and the dealer will undoubtedly notice first. Don’t let your emotions get the better of you and don’t react when a hand is dealt to you, which mean no slight smiles when you’ve been dealt a good hand and no nose wrinkling when you get a not so great hand! The key to this is to relax the face as much as possible and keep your mind clear so your emotions don’t get the better of you.  

Keep good eye contact with other players 

Show other players that you’re confident and have nothing to hide by meeting other players’ eyes regularly. Don’t stare them out, but don’t look away when others make eye contact as this could be seen as showing weakness or that you’re hiding something. If you find this hard, instead of meeting their eyes – focus on the top of their nose between their eyes and look there – they won’t notice the difference! Be sure to blink so it doesn’t look like you’re mindlessly staring or have completely zoned out – no one wants to play poker or blackjack with a zombie! 

Focus on your body language 

Now your facial muscles are relaxed and you’re confidently able to meet other players’ gazes, turn your attention to ensuring your body language follows suit. A persons’ posture tells a lot about their emotions and what they’re thinking, so you don’t want the way you’re sat to be a tell-tale sign while you’re at the casino table. Make sure your posture is relaxed and is not tense before you sit down at the casino table and when you’re sat down remember to maintain this relaxed posture.  

Don’t fidget 

A tell-tale sign of emotion is fidgeting which many people do even without noticing! This can include adjusting your clothes, hair, glasses constantly or moving your body around unnecessarily and it can indicate your mood to players very quickly. Keep yourself in check and make sure you’re not sitting at the tables subconsciously biting your nails, tapping your fingers or touching your face.  

Relaxation is key to disguising your emotions throughout your gameplay and you know what they say – practice makes perfect!

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