Thor: Ragnarok Soundtrack (2017) – Complete Song List

Thor: Ragnarok Music Soundtrack: Imprisoned on the other side of the universe, the mighty Thor finds himself in a deadly gladiatorial contest that pits him against the Hulk, his former ally, and fellow Avenger. Thor’s quest for survival leads him to a race against time to prevent the all-powerful Hela from destroying his home world and the Asgardian civilization.

The soundtrack from Thor: Ragnarok, a 2017 Movie, tracklist, listen to some of the 26 full soundtrack songs and play OST music. View who sings all the songs

Thor: Ragnarok Soundtrack Track Listing

Teaser trailer / The intro to the movie with Thor fighting Surtur / The Re-Avengers fight sequence near the end of the film on the Rainbow Bridge! : Song Used: Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song
2. Magic Sword – In the Face of Evil
3. Mark Mothersbaugh – Ragnarok Suite
4. Mark Mothersbaugh – Running Short on Options
5. Mark Mothersbaugh – Thor: Ragnarok
6. Mark Mothersbaugh – Weird Things Happen
Is played when Thor meets up with Dr. Strange after Strange takes Lok
7. Mark Mothersbaugh – Twilight of the Gods
Odins talk with Thor and Loki
8. Mark Mothersbaugh – Hela vs. Asgard
Help appears, destroys Thor’s hammer, and ruins Asgard
9. Mark Mothersbaugh – Where Am I?
10. Mark Mothersbaugh – Grandmaster’s Chambers
The first part of Thor meeting the Grand master
11. Mark Mothersbaugh – The Vault
Hela awakens her pet dog and undead minions and calls the fake Infinity Gauntlet out!
12. Mark Mothersbaugh – No One Escapes
Thor talk with Valkyrie before the arena battle; leading into the intro of the arena battle.
13. Mark Mothersbaugh – Arena Fight
The battle between Thor and Hulk.
14. Mark Mothersbaugh – Where’s the Sword?
15. Mark Mothersbaugh – Go
16. Mark Mothersbaugh – What Heroes Do
17. Mark Mothersbaugh – Flashback
Happens when Loki gives Valkyrie a flashback of the battle with Hella and the death of all the other Valkyrie.
18. Mark Mothersbaugh – Parade
Because of Hulk gone, the people have a parade and Thor and Hulk get lost in it.
19. Mark Mothersbaugh – The Revolution Has Begun
20. Mark Mothersbaugh – Sakaar Chase
21. Mark Mothersbaugh – Devil’s Anus
22. Mark Mothersbaugh – Asgard Is a People
23. Mark Mothersbaugh – Where To?
24. Mark Mothersbaugh – Planet Sakaar
25. Mark Mothersbaugh – Grandmaster Jam Session
When Thor is moved into the DJ room of the grand masters building
26. Mark Mothersbaugh – Pure Imagination
Thors travel into meeting the grand master; backstory of sakaar.

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