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Line 6HX Stomp XL is the latest entrant in the 6HX family with lots of modern features. It has the users’ needs in mind created with more versatile and state-of-the-art components that give a functional experience of a lifetime.

The Line 6 HX Stomp is a perfect piece for anybody who desires to have the Line 6 experience, but the price tag quickly filters buyers. Its huge floorboard might also play a role in keeping some admirers at bay.

Its pedalboard has a multi-effects pedal switchboard that produces Helix sounds with the same effects and sports 24-bit/192kHz converters, power circuit breakers, and guitar inputs with a wide range of 123dB.


The line 6HX Stomp main Features are an excellent Helix line; several stompbox formats allow the convenience of adding pro-level multifaceted processing to the existing pedalboard or replacing it altogether.

In this series, nothing beats the Line 6 HX Stomp, as it has several switches and programmable cab/amp/IR/effects, which are versatile and can easily integrate into a host of playing and recording needs—making it the most user friendly.

The Line, 6 HX Stomp XL, has all the most up-to-date desirable features like having more effects modeling and five extra switches for convenience. The Total number of buttons is eight that can be toggled between tuner, presets, tap tempo effects, and banks. It has a well-backlit screen that beams brightly at all times to give it the extra beauty. 

The series can run as an entire rig or as a pedalboard, and both options are still viable whether in writing, recording, or performing. There’re outputs, inputs that send returns, and MIDI can route all types of sound you need in or out of the unit, giving it a versatile edge.

Other features are several amplifiers, cabinets, and effects to choose from. Line 6 HX has modeled the components and their characters, as well as 16 adjustable microphone models you can use when selecting your cabinet sound.

The main stereo features outputs that help in balancing and unbalancing outs. The1/4″ headphone allows output beside the MIDI input and output, which permits silent practice and a convenient USB port that can connect your HX Stomp to a computer for quick editing. The stereo helps in sending and returning sounds.  

Additional Description

There are three knobs located at the 2.4″ (6cm) color LCD with specific functions. The Action button next to the screen is for selecting and moving sounds for quick access from choosing a few tunes of choice that you need to fine-tune and customize.

The HX Stomp XL has flexible 16 microphone models that allow adjustments to all angles. Direction and proximity at your comfort and convenience.’ The options may seem complicated if you’re new to them. However, once you get to play it, the experience will be the most user-friendly tool you have handled. The other series can not match its sound and speaker cones.

The HX Stomp has a much more accessible pedal than the other brands of Helix, which gives it an edge over the competition, and the XL makes it more user-friendly and a fan favorite. The space is roomy and quite spacious. If you get a bigger size, you are guaranteed to get a time of your life as it has various routing options. The big bright LED liberates you to make changes on the fly while on stage or within the comfort of a studio. You have the option of downloading and uploading profiles as well as editing them on a computer using its USB port.

Overall the Line 6 HX Stomp XL can be categorized among the best high-end spectacular work and a fantastic upgrade with the current features.

HX Stomp XL is a professional dream tool. The grade amp and effects processor provides HXTM modeling in a high-performance-ready pedal with eight capacitive-touch footswitches. The flexibility and its neat interface give it an excellent advantage over the others in the market. The portability aspect of it is also good, and it gives you the option of carrying to various events of choice.

The Specifications

  • Type: Multifaceted effects
  • The Controls: 8x FS, 2x Knobs, View, Action, Page, Volume
  • Input Ports: 2x Mono (Stereo), 1x MIDI IN, 1x EXP 1/2, 2x Return/Aux-In
  • Output Ports: 2x Mono (Stereo), 1x MIDI OUT/THRU, 1x Send, 1x Headphones jack 6,3 mm TRS, 1x USB
  • Number of Effects: 300
  • Počet presetů: 128
  • MIDI: Available
  • USB Port: Available
  • Adapter included: Available
  • Country of Origin: China
  • UK Plug: No


This new kid on the block seems to have many user-friendly features, an excellent interface, and portability, making it the best in the market. And if you want to see your music get the best, the line 6HX Stomp XL series is a must-have kind of equipment. Also, you will have a lifetime experience and enjoy your journey to making good music. So, don’t be left behind. Get yourself this new technology and have a say about it.

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