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It’s now a year since COVID-19 was first reported in China before spreading across the globe and terrorizing lives. Millions have lost their lives, businesses closed, and economies are collapsing. The virus is spread when an infected person comes into contact with another person. Flattening the spread curve needs stern measures taken by everyone infected and uninfected, and it is expensive. Some individuals have gone out of their way to assist in every way possible, and it is with honour that we say Thank You Coronavirus helpers. 

Thank You Coronavirus Helpers

The virus spreads through various ways like through the mouth, nose, body contact, among others. What spreads the disease are the particles produced in these activities, and one can be asymptomatic for fourteen days. The measures to stop the spread include social distance, quarantine, and wearing protective equipment, all of which are costly. 

Thank You Coronavirus Helpers

COVID-19 has changed people’s way of life in the world, and it continues. The pandemic is not selective and some faculties must help to curb it. Besides professionals, other helpers are providing personal protective equipment like masks and sanitizers to those who are less privileged and food. It has been a rough year, and we all look forward to everyday life, but the virus is still here with us. 

Google is known to celebrate every occasion, and they have not been left behind as they have also joined hands to say thank you Coronavirus helpers. They introduced a doodle series to honour those in the frontline through a doodle website. Google encourages users to join in the appreciative efforts of the designated workers in the frontline. From a Gboard search for ‘GoogleDoodles‘ and GIFs will be at your disposal on your social platforms. 

Thank You Coronavirus Helpers

Those Google honours are doctors, nurses, delivery staff, farmers, teachers, researchers, among others offering necessary or crucial services to the public. As much as the public has been ordered to stay indoors and work from home, there those who must go out to work and come into contact with the deadly virus.

Appreciation is a great encouragement to anyone. Thank you are two powerful words that assure someone their efforts are not in vain, and they can mean so much. There are many ways online to say Thank you Coronavirus helpers. You can download and print appreciation messages and stick them to your car, bicycle, home, or office desk. 

Display the sign, then spread the word and encourage others to do the same. Moreover, you can share the photo on different social media platforms bearing the hashtag helpers. No matter how challenging the situation is, there will always be helpers, including anyone giving a hand to help keep others safe. 


Coronavirus is a disaster that cuts across the world without selection. In this spirit, people should rise to fight it, and those in the front line, especially medics, teachers, farmers, grocers, should be appreciated. From the IReportDaily Team, we honour and say Thank You coronavirus helpers, and do not tire in delivering your services. 

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