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You have probably come across the name Tabby Bradshaw on social media or even seen it on television. But who, exactly, is Tammy Bradshaw? Tammy Bradshaw is a popular media personality, who especially gained fame after getting married to former NFL football legend Terry Bradshaw, a famous football star and Hall of Famer who played for the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

Tammy Bradshaw

However, Tammy was already in the limelight way before meeting Terry Bradshaw. She gained recognition as a passionate philanthropist who engaged in various charitable works and donations. 

She also graced several magazines with her ravishing beauty as a model. Tammy Bradshaw still looks stunning even as she approaches her sixties. With her long blonde hair, dark brown eyes, and hourglass figure, Tammy Bradshaw had quite a successful career in her modeling days.

Tammy is, however, quite a reserved person, and much of her private life is carefully kept out of the spotlight. So what exactly is known about the philanthropist and former model?

In this article, we take a look at some of the aspects that are known as far as Tammy Bradshaw’s interesting life is concerned, which include;

  1. Her vague biography in brief
  2. Her age.
  3. Her life as wife and girlfriend to Terry Bradshaw
  4. Tammy as a parent.
  5. Her house and home.
  6. Financial net worth

Brief Biography

1. Family and Background

Tammy Bradshaw was born on the 5th of October in the year 1961, in the United States of America. Her actual full name is Tamera Alice, which she later changed to Tammy Bradshaw after getting married to the former NFL star. As most of her private life is pretty much undisclosed, her exact place of birth is unknown. Both her parents’ names or whereabouts are unknown too, and nothing much is known about her siblings. 

2. Education

What is known of Tammy’s background and education is pretty much vague, as she prefers to keep much of her personal life as far away from social media as she can, so little is known about her level of education and what institutions she attended. The stunning media personality is a Christian of white ethnicity. 

3. Physical Features

Her physical features clearly show that she was cut out for the modeling industry. Even as she approaches her early sixties, her long blonde hair and stunning dark brown eyes are still prominent elements of her beauty. Her curvaceous body is also nonetheless attractive. The former model is 5 feet 7 inches tall, with an approximate weight of about 122 lbs.

4. Career Life

Tammy Bradshaw majored in modeling, gracing the pages of glamour and commercial magazines before becoming a philanthropist and making several selfless charitable contributions where she made significant donations to charitable organizations such as opioid Solutions Fundraiser and No Kid Hungry, with the help of her husband Terry Bradshaw.

5. Marital Life

Tammy got married to former NFL star Terry Bradshaw after thirteen years of dating after her first marriage failed. She has no kids of her own, but she is a proud stepmother to Terry’s two successful daughters Rachel and Erin, from his previous marriage.

6. Hobbies and Pastimes

Tammy shares her husband’s passion for Halter horse breeding, an activity they engage in on their extensive ranch.

Tammy Bradshaw’s Age

Tammy Bradshaw is currently 59 years of age. Born in 1961, Tammy still looks stunning even in her late 50’s. She is thirteen years younger than her husband, Terry Bradshaw. Despite her age, Tammy Bradshaw still exhibits most of the features of her modeling days.

Tammy Bradshaw as Girlfriend and Wife

Tammy Bradshaw was initially married for five years to a guy named David Luttrell before the marriage failed and they divorced citing irreconcilable differences. Shortly afterward, Tammy met Terry Bradshaw at a show in 1999, and the two hooked up and began a pretty long period of dating that lasted for thirteen years. 

The two eventually got married in July 2014, and have lived happily ever since, even appearing on reality TV shows together. 

Terry Bradshaw is a retired NFL star who made a name for himself in the sport, with his strong arm and long passes and made it to the Colleges Hall Of Fame.

He also invested in Real Estate, owning shares worth over thirteen million dollars around Oklahoma, Texas, and even Mexico. Born on the 2nd of September in 1948 in Shreveport, Louisiana, Terry is about 13 years older than his wife and is already in his 70s currently. 

Just like Tammy, their marriage is not his first matrimonial covenant. Terry had three failed marriages before he eventually met Tammy. He first married Melissa Babish, then missed Teenage USA, and divorced after just two years. 

He then married an Olympic Figure Skater, Jojo Hopkins, and they separated after seven years of marriage. After this, he married a famous family attorney, Charlotte Hopkins, and as well divorced 13 years later with two daughters to their marriage.

His marriage with Tammy is the most successful, as they have been happy ever since. 

Tammy Bradshaw as a Parent

Tammy Bradshaw has been a proud foster mother to Terry’s two daughters, Erin and Racheal both of whom are intelligent and talented. Erin Bradshaw is an honors graduate of the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas.

Rachel, on the other hand, is a graduate of Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, and was featured on Nashville’s 2007 reality TV show.

She was also the wife of former Tennessee Titans kicker Rob Bironas, who lost his life in a car accident back in 2014. 

House and Retirement Home

Tammy shares a retirement home with her husband Terry Bradshaw, which is a majestic mansion that sits 70 miles out of Dallas on 8600 square feet on their 744-acre fully-functional cattle and horse ranch in Thackerville, Southern Oklahoma. The ranch sits along the red river with an expansive waterfront.  The house is a luxurious cabin-like structure with six bedrooms and eight bathrooms. 

The ranch also holds an entertainer’s patio with a pool, an office with a kitchen, several horse barns, and about eight lakes and ponds. The two have lived on the property for 20 years, spending the first 15 years renovating and customizing it to their comfort. Tammy and her husband live at the height of comfort.


Tammy Bradshaw’s estimated net worth is about 15 million dollars as of 2021. It is speculated that much of her net worth stems from her relationship with her husband Terry, although little is known about her earnings from her former modeling career, as she has kept it closely secret. Also, the former model shares in her husband’s staggering 25 million dollar net worth, his real estate investments, and his steady 2 million dollar salary.


Whether you have heard of her or not, it is evident that Tammy Bradshaw is a warm-hearted person with a passion for making a positive change everywhere she goes. It is almost impossible to like her, as she exudes charm with both her looks and personality. 

Apparently, after bringing a smile to many by contributing towards charity, she also brought happiness to retired NFL Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw by being the peace he was looking for after his previous marriages brought him anxiety attacks, health decline, and mental breakdowns. Tammy Bradshaw is, apparently, a big-hearted, social figure and a successful wife and mother.

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