How to Style Short Curly Hair for Men

The first step of how to style short curly hair for men is getting a great cut. For this, a salon may be your best option for the special attention and hairstyles that make curls manageable and look great.

Keeping curly hair short, about two inches at most already reduces your styling time. Here are more tips for how to style curly mens hair:

1. Quit shampoo –  Curly hair tends to be dry because natural oils have a hard time moving from the scalp down to the roots. Shampoo makes hair even dryer so cut back shampooing to once a week max. Opt for a sulfate free or curl specific formula.

2. Strength + conditioning – To look their best, curls need added moisture. Get one that matches your shampoo but use it every day, concentrating on working it into the tips of the hair.

3. Rub down – After the shower, gently pat hair dry with a towel. Rubbing hair damages it and encourages frizz, something you want to avoid. Even better, trade in your towel for an old t-shirt – the fibers and tight weave is better for hair (and will pull less out).

4. Comb it out – Do you use a brush or typical comb on your curls? If there are no knots, go ahead and just use fingers. If you need some detangling, use a wide tooth comb, available at any dollar store.

5. Product – The last step is adding product. Ask your stylist for a recommendation or you just use trial and error to find the best one for you. Heat a little bit of product up between palms, but not too much – curls will be weighed down and look greasy. Rub through hair to evenly distribute. Finally, let hair air dry and you’re done!

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