Solo Levelling – Season 2 – Release Date, Cast & Everything You Need To Know

What Is Solo Levelling?

Written by Chu-Gong, Solo Levelling is an anime adaptation of the notorious South Korean web-novel of the same name. It is additionally available within the English title, Only I Level Up.

The series is dull of dark-fantasy and action, and has been highly appreciated. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been officially translated into the other languages. Solo Levelling’s web-novel was illustrated by Jang Sung Rak.

The narrative of the series is based on a rather contemporary foundation. Some people are born with all the expertise and, thus, the aptitude to look for them – these people are called “Hunters”. Sung Jin-Woo is that the protagonist of the series, and is that the weakest of all the Hunters.

For this, he’s mocked by the opposite Hunters. One day, the Hunters along with Jin-Woo get imprisoned at a dungeon. Out of all of them, just a couple of escape. Sung Jin-Woo is one of those who survive and his story continues as he is confronted with expeditions, and must use his wits and expertise to overthrow them.

Release Date Of Solo Levelling Season 2

Season 1 of Solo Levelling concluded on 19th March 2020. However, it managed to draw in a broad audience round the world. So, the series is now getting to amaze the audience with its 2nd Season. Since it’s only been fortnight since the primary period finished, we’d like to attend a touch more for Season 2. As per sources, production of the series is to start after the pandemic situation.

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Is The Trailer For Solo Levelling Season 2 Out?

As of today, the trailer for Season 2 hasn’t been released, yet. However, as soon as the release date for Season 2 of the series gets confirmed, we can expect the trailer to be released shorty afterwards as well.

Who’ll Be Returning For Solo Levelling Season 2?

At the end of Season 1 of the series, we observed the protagonist opening a doorway and combatting the demon. Hence, we can assume that the plot continues with Sung Jin-Woo and revolves around his voyage. Sung Jin-Woo, the protagonist, is that the weakest of the Hunters, but slightly stronger than a traditional person .

The world is connected to a parallel world that’s filled with monsters and creatures. Some people traveled to the present parallel world to hunt them down. These people have some abilities and special strengths, and are called “Hunters”.

One day all of them get trapped during a dungeon, and a couple of barely survive. altogether of them, Sung was the sole one who completed all the trials, which gave him the power to ascertain an interface showing him quests.

In Season 2, we’ll see Sung browsing tons more complications on his voyage to seek out his father. At the top of Season 1, we saw him fighting the demons after opening the door. Maybe he will find a clue or his father himself there? Often times, a conflict between the United States and China can also be observed in the series.

Solo Leveling: Season 1 Online Portal

Fortunately, the masterminds behind the series have also formed an online portal through which enthusiasts can browse the series. If you’re a proponent of the writer, you can assist him and motivate him by doing this as well. You can do all of this with the assistance of Kakao Page Magazine. We think that this a remarkable way to support the writer!


It seems that Season 2 of Solo Levelling involves some waiting. However, it appears rather promising! As of now, there has been no official announcement regarding Solo Levelling: Season 2. However, fanatics of the series are anxiously waiting for the continuation of the series. All we can do now is wait, and see if Season 2 lives up to its expectations.

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