Smoking Resin: Everything You Need To Know [GUIDE]

Smoking resin is standard across age groups, and most stoners have smoked weed resin at some point. During tough times and you need unavailable weed, you opt to get a fix from resin. 

Smoking Resin

You may have to smoke resin because you are low on cash and it is nothing to be ashamed of because it happens. Here you will be equipped with a complete guide on how to smoke resin and the possible resin adventures you might not know. The cannabis resin is commonly known as pipe resin, weed resin, or resin. 

Many may be tempted to smoke the black sticky residue that collects at the bottom of the bowl after smoking cannabis. The residue is burned and may not be favorable for your health since it contains carbon and THC is little or depleted, and the harsh is only an unpleasant smoke. 

Does smoking resin get you high?

The resin still has some THC in it. Once the weed is lit, some of the content (THC) is trapped in the wax. Considering this fact, smoking resin will get you high, but the taste is unpleasant, and you will need more resin than weed to get high. 

However, there are some health concerns you need to know before smoking resin. If you smoke resin for a long time, you are bound to cause harm to yourself. Any kind of smoking is dangerous to your health, but with resin, the problems will be more pronounced. 

Most properties of cannabis die during processing, and live resin is born, and it is a hope for those who want the presence of terpenes and phytochemicals in cannabis resin. 

Cannabis is flash-frozen once it is harvested, and during processing and extraction of the resin, the originality of cannabis is maintained at frigid temperatures. As a result, the medicinal and aromatic properties are extinguished. In this process, solvents are used but not as much as when producing butane hash oil. 

Smoking Resin

How to Smoke Resin

Resin can be used differently, both sound and evil and others merely stupid. Let’s dive right in and discuss smoking resin in detail.

1. Dry Pipe

Apply heat on the outside of the pipe to loosen the resin then take it away and remember everything will heat up. Use something like a tong or oven mitt to avoid burning your fingers. 

Also, do not put the pipe directly to your lips as the mouthpiece may be too hot. If this method is not good enough for you, feel free to explore the rest that requires you to remove the resin and then smoke.

2. Bong

Find a pin or paperclip to remove the resin from your pipe into a plate. Light a spotlight or light at the bottom of the pipe to warm it up and ensure that it does not stick on the surface then scrap it off then collect it into a plate or bowl. Once it has come off, roll it into a ball then, pack it into your bong then heat it and smoke. Use fresh water at the bottom to help in filtering foulness to the maximum.

3. Dab Rig

A dab rig is another way to enjoy your resin after collecting it from your pipe. Roll it up into lumps then smoke. Freshwater at the bottom of the rig is necessary to rid it of bad taste and the harshness of resin so that you don’t get overwhelmed. 

Smoke Resin

4. Hot Knives

The hot knife method will stink up the area you are smoking from. And, here is how it works. 


  • Resin
  • Metal knives(two) with wide blades 
  • Source of heat – Stove or fire to heat the knives.
  • Potholders
  • Funnel (optional)


  1. Get the resin off the pipe by scrapping. 
  2. Make small lumps(spots or dots) 
  3. Please turn on the stove to heat the knives, or you can stick them to a bonfire to heat up fast. 
  4. Don one oven mitt.
  5. Please take one of the hot knives and place the resin lumps on it. 
  6. Reach for the second knife, put it on top of the first one, then squeeze them together gently. 
  7. Now inhale the smoke through your nose or mouth and, just a reminder, it will be harsh!

When smoking resin, the smoke should go into your lungs, and you can ensure this by holding a funnel in your mouth. Place the funnel over the two hot knives to direct the smoke to your nose or mouth. Without a funnel, improvise with the materials you have at hand. If there is a plastic bottle with you, cut off the base and turn it into a funnel. 


The cannabis resin is impressive as it contains flavonoids, terpenes, and THC, and it makes the treasure in the plant. It resembles tiny gold pieces, and it is the treasure in the cannabis plant. Once you smoke, it gives you a relaxing flight feeling and acts as a painkiller. 

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