How to Fix the Screen Overlay Detected Error Message?

Screen Overlay Detected Error is a problem that may occur on devices that run Marshmallow Android and it can be hard to decipher what is causing it. The screen overlay detected error can be a troubling one since it will not allow some apps to launch. Fortunately, there are easy fixes once you know the causes of the error. 

Screen Overlay Detected
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One possible reason as to why you are the Screen Overlay Detected Error is due to a compatibility issue with another app. You can narrow down the app that is causing trouble if there is a bubble on your screen. One of the apps most popular for causing this issue is Clean Master. If you have this app installed, you should have it disabled. Additionally, apps that change the color and brightness on your device could cause this error.

How to Fix Screen Overlay Detected Error?

You are now aware of what apps could cause this problem and how you can fix the issue. First, you need to find out which apps have permission to appear on top. For most Android phones, you will go to Settings > Applications > Applications Manager > More (Top Right) > Apps that can appear on top.

Try to turn the permission off for all apps and only turn it on for the app you recently installed. Try launching the app to see if the error message still appears. 

If you do not want to turn the permission off for all apps, just turn it off for the apps you have been using recently then try re-launching the app. The other way to go around it is enabling the overlay permission only when needed and ideally, this should work.

Uninstalling screen overlay apps is the other way to fix screen overlay-detected errors. Usually, this error is caused by some unwanted security and cleaner apps and you can force stop or uninstall some of these apps. You will also notice lagging issues on your device will also reduce once you free up some ROM on your device. Apps that appear on top of other apps are the ones you should focus on uninstalling as they are the ones that cause screen overlay detected the error.

Rebooting in safe mode is the other way to tackle this error. However, it is still important to know which app is causing the error. So the first step in doing this is opening safe mode by pressing and holding the power button. Tap and hold on to the Power off option until your device pops up in safe mode then tap OK to reboot to Safe mode. This works for Stock Android such as Moto, Nexus, HTC, or Lenovo. 

Safe mode on a Samsung is a little different as you will need to first turn off your Samsung device and hold the power button until the Samsung logo appears. You will then release the power button and hold the volume up button until your device boots up and Safe Mode will pop up in the corner.

Once you are in safe mode, you need to turn all the permissions of the app where the screen overlay was appearing by Opening Settings> Apps > Selecting App causing Screen Overlay Detected Error > App Permissions > Toggle On all Permissions of App.


This should work for most Android phones. Some commonly problematic applications causing screen overlay detected errors include Facebook Messenger, ES File Explorer, and Twilight, just to mention a few. If you experience this error, try the above tips to resolve it. Leave a comment below if these tips were helpful or not. Go back to our home page here.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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