Rebel Wilson’s Weight Loss Story & Learnings

Rebel Wilson never stops spreading love and laughter. The popular actress has played hilarious roles in the movies Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect, Night at the Museum, and How to Be Single. Rebel Wilson’s weight loss has surprised every one of her fans as previously she was known for her size as well as her bubbly personality. She has even mentioned in interviews that her weight is what made her unique and different and ultimately successful.

All of that has changed recently as the actress has realized she does not necessarily have to be that size for her to be successful in the movie industry. Here is how Rebel accomplished such a feat and what her secrets for success are.

What Motivated Rebel Wilson’s Weight Loss?

Rebel Wilson’s weight loss journey started in 2016. The actress said in an interview that being unique and different is a good thing and she would never want to compete with glamorous people. She said she is about the brain, heart, and really what is on the inside. Rebel is proud of her unique figure and is aware of how food impacts her weight. She had an interview with Cosmopolitan and said she uses food as a form of reward and comfort.

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She has admitted that while she does not do drugs or drink, her vice is emotional eating whenever she feels like giving up. However, since she moved to LA, California, she has become more conscious of the role food plays in staying healthy and fit. The fans seem to be wowed by the Rebel Wilson transformation.

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Reveal

The actress has not disclosed a specific number but it is over 30 pounds since she began her journey. The weight loss might seem effortless to her but she has mentioned the fact she has a hormonal imbalance that makes her prone to gain the weight back. Rebel has shared the importance of finding the right balance between body confidence and health.

Women all over the world have been inspired by Rebel Wilson’s journey to own their curves and health and are confident in their bodies at whatever size. The weight loss journey has made Rebel Wilson more popular and at the same time healthier for more projects.

What did Rebel Wilson do to Lose Weight? 

1. Healthy Eating Habits

One of the reasons why many people gain weight or struggle to lose it is due to unhealthy eating habits. This is why Rebel Wilson eats lots of fiber as opposed to counting calories. As people tend to count and regulate their calorie intake, more often than not, this backfires as you end up hungry and thus overindulge in food. When you eat fiber as a better solution, you will feel fuller and make the food in the digestive system stay for longer. This will help you eat much less, lowering your calorie intake and losing weight.

Rebel Wilson also revealed that she consumes healthy fats. There is a misconception that eating fats will you gain weight. However, this is not the case as studies have shown healthy fats make you fuller since foods containing fat will take longer to digest. Healthy fats will boost your metabolism and provide your body with an alternative source of energy, reducing the number of carbs needed and thus helping you lose weight.

2. Exercising

While taking care of her diet, Rebel Wilson also works out regularly in her weight loss journey. She revealed that her exercise routine includes spending at least 4 days in The Ranch, a weight loss camp, where she worked out for not less than 8 hours a day. 

Exercising is inevitable when it comes to weight loss and maintaining the results. You might not need to do 8 hours a day like Rebel, but customize it to your needs.

3. Using Weight Loss Supplements

While healthy eating and exercise play a substantial role in losing weight, they might not be ideal for everyone, especially if your metabolism is slow. Rebel Wilson, as well as other celebrities, recommend weight loss supplements known for suppressing appetites that aid in weight loss. There are also other benefits like lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure, improved digestion, and boosted immune system. 

One of the most popular weight loss supplements is Garcinia Cambogia which might turn out to be the most ideal for your weight loss journey. There are other supplements like meal replacement shakes, apple cider vinegar pills, and others that you can also explore.


Rebel Wilson’s weight loss journey has been an inspiration for everyone who struggles with weight as in a short time she was able to lose weight and share her secrets with the rest of the world. If you use these tips mentioned above, you can be assured of amazing results within weeks, all you need is to be committed to your journey

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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