Queen Naija – Medicine

This song is basically about all of the things her ex put her through and how she wants to make him feel the pain he caused her.

“It pretty much explains everything I felt and the reason why I actually did leave… When everything is so public and you don’t have no privacy and people are throwing themselves at you, sometimes stuff just happens.”

I’m going through this tough situation in my marriage or relationship or soon-to-be ex-marriage, whatever. I do YouTube, and me and my husband were big influencers. However, throughout the time, I just got publicly humiliated, and everybody was pretty much asking me, “What’s going on? Are you gonna leave? Are you not gonna leave?” All this stuff like a news reporter or something.

I basically told them “wait.” I didn’t wanna talk about it, because we had stopped making videos, just out the blue. Everybody was like, “What going on?” But I had left. Everybody’s just asking me what’s going on; why haven’t we been making videos and all that stuff like that. I told them I was just going to put all my pain and all the answers that they needed into a song, because that’s how I better explain myself. So one night, I was looking at beats and singing to different beats, and I was just vibing to it. And then I just put the words into it. I wrote the words in my head; I didn’t even write it down. I just put all my pain into a song.

I was at my brother’s house, downstairs in the guest room. I was just sitting there, vibing to music, because I’m going through all this stuff, so I need to do something to occupy myself. I just started listening to beats, and I was like, “This is nice.” I was like, “You told me you love me, but I haven’t been feelin’ this lately.” So I just kept going with it. And the whole, “You say you love keepin’ me fly but can’t keep me from looking crazy,” that basically means when a guy showers you with gifts and all this good stuff and jewelry, but you got me out here lookin’ stupid. You like to keep me fly, lookin’ good, but I still look dumb.

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