What do Poggers mean?

To understand every moment of Twitch, every pitfall, win, and ridiculous play, you need to understand the emotes, and the instantaneous reactions on the right sidebar. There are hundreds of emotes sent over Twitch chat every second and it can be daunting for someone who has just ventured into a stream. The meme first arose in the game Fortnite and now is commonly used in league of legends as well.

Emotes have their ups and downs and help people communicate with each other during memorable streaming moments as the chats move pretty fast. Being part of Twitch culture means knowing and tuning into emotes as they emerge and even evolve. For some people, keeping up might be a problem. This is why we are explaining one of the most popular emotes, Poggers.  Poggers is an emote used when something exciting or cool happens used by overwatch streamers on Twitch. Usually, Poggers is used with illustrations of frogs with surprising expressions.


Where do Poggers Come from?

Poggers is short for PogChamp and this emote shows streamer Ryan Gutierrez, also known as Gootecks, making an exaggerated surprise face with his eyes and mouth wide open. The image was pulled from his YouTube series Counter Cross TV and the outtake was uploaded in November 2010 where he was reacting to his cameraman bumping into his tripod.

The name PogChamp comes from another video uploaded in 2011 by Gutierrez and one of his fellow gamers Mike Ross, during a promo video dubbed “Pogs Championship”. Gutierrez ended up winning by dropping the joystick in a stack of pogs and that is how he became the Pog champion.

In 2012, Twitch added the image of a surprised Gutierrez to the list of global emotes with the name PogChamp and has since become one of the most popular emotes used to express shock, surprise, or excitement.

Some of the other popular Twitch emotes Include Kappa, Trihard, 4Head, Cmonbruh, Lul, Hahaa, Sourpls, Feelsbadman/Feelsgoodman, and Gachigasm just to mention a few.

Kappa is usually the starting point for anyone trying to enter and understand Twitch culture. This emote can be used if a streamer does something that makes you roll your eyes. Trihard is a controversial yet extremely popular emote and it can be used when something exciting happens on the screen or hype is building.

4Head is self-explanatory when it comes to visuals and you can use the remote to react to a joke. Cmonbruh is an emote used to express confusion over something being said on the stream and in response to a chat with a racist connotation. Lul is the equivalent of LOL and it can be used to express deep laughter.

Always make sure when you use a particular emote, that it does not read as insulting or offensive. There are so many other emotes that could have made the list but this is the essential guide for beginners, especially Poggers. Comment below or drop some of your other favorites emotes on Twitch.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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