Novak Djokovic is Officially Out of the US Open Tournament- 2020

The USTA 2020 open will proceed as scheduled with major changes besides the coronavirus pandemic. The men’s and women’s qualify cancellation is the major change and the mixed double tournament. Novak Djokovic is officially out of the US Open tournament after he accidentally struck a line judge with a ball.

Novak Djokovic
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Novak Djokovic is Officially Out of the US Open Tournament

Djokovic holds eight Australian Open titles, five titles from Wimbledon, and three US Open titles. Before he was tossed off, the tournament was not set for any great shows, especially from the men. The great intense moments that come with a packed stadium of fans were already lost.

The US Open tournament has now transformed into a sport carried by the next generation. Although the mainstays have been around for over a decade like Serena Williams, the sport is now ready to create new talent. The fresh talent has to start winning majors to catch the attention of the general American public.

In the absence of Novak, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are not guaranteed winners either because the younger generation of athletic players in their early 20s is now tennis’s future. As for the women’s game, Williams pursues her 24th grand slam single title before she retires, but it is wide open. 

For the first three matches, Djokovic was overpowering while the 20-year-old Felix Auger-Aliassime, from Canada, rose in tennis power without breaking a sweat. The British star Andy Murray was also dispatched as he made a comeback from hip surgery.


The disqualification of Novak Djokovic from the US open tournament happened after an accidental strike on a lines official. She was hit on the throat, he rushed to check on her, but she soon walked off the court. Djokovic lost the tournament to Carreno Busta by default.

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