Top 80 Funniest Happy New Year 2018 Memes

Happy New Year 2018 Meme: We did it, you guys. The year 2017 is finally coming to a close, and it’s about time to welcome January 1 with open arms. While the holiday will likely prompt sentimental posts from family, friends, and all the other random people you follow on social media, we say ring in 2018 with funny New Year’s Day memes. I mean, after this heck of a year, we can all use a healthy dose of comic relief.

See you next year suckers!
Everytime in exam papers.
Remember this post when you see it…
I expect no plottwist in the last week.
Dark times are ahead brothers.
Fixed it.

2017 is almost over

Earth is not flat.
We’re getting there soon.
Here it comes. Are you ready to waste 2018?
Step up guys!
Oh well…
We live in 2017, but this guy is already in 2108…
For new year I want the confidence and optimism of this guy
F**k outta here with that song

2018 looks litt.

The Chaaaaammpiiiionnnsss!!
Maybe 2018 wouldn’t be so bad after all.
Last number of your upvote is what you get in 2018!
Hate it when it happens, Not in 2018.
Coming out soon, can’t wait!!!!
World Cup draw result. #World Cup #2018 #Russia #Moscow #Kremlin
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
The best way to enter in 2018, Lol!
It only just begun
*instant transmission sound*
Some example of new year traditions in Asia…
Because Rose never gave a head
2018 is coming 🙁
Mark my words
You Can Buy An Action-Packed Vladimir Putin Calendar For 2018.

When every year, you think that it’s going to be better …

I’m not ready for 2018.
See you in 2018.
A light that the ages will not extinguish.
Prepare yourself
Happy Birthday Chan
Just 3 more days..
When you see your crush across the street. Love Me 2018.
Need a noose thanks.

2018 here I come

New year, New you!
Are you ready guys?
The first three things you see will be yours in 2018.
Idk how long it takes to die of hanging.
2018 gonna be lit!
Looks like a another sosig party
Thank me later.
2018 is almost here.
That’s me every year…
Tru tru
Feeling old yet?
Sounds about right
Happy new year to you too Facebook! … f**kin assholes!
The upcoming memes look cool
The only reason I’m looking forward to 2018 is. that it can’t get any worse for me than 2017.
Best way to enter 2018.
That time of year again bois.
Same as the last years…
When you realise how many days are left before 2018. Where did the whole year go?
Shit about to get serious…. 2018
Welcome new years eve 2018
Stop whining and make it better yourself.
New year new shit.
This is how I should had started my 2017.
If you wondered, here’s your answer:
Am I the only one that’s really hyped for this? 2018
Happy new year, everyone!
This will be different, I know it.
Here we go again.

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