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Do you love to watch Nigerian Bollywood, Hollywood, and Nollywood movies, and maybe you are wondering where to get them? Relax Netnaija got you covered on this. You can stream, share, and download your favorite movies with ease on this site. 

On the flip side, it is easy to learn different aspects from various Hollywood and Nollywood movies as well. Normally, if you aspire to get more information about scriptwriting or the film industry, watching movies might give you a glimpse of what is needed. So, Netnaija is here to get all your wishes and desires done. 

Netnaija, it’s a Nigerian platform with a lot of content on various categories that you can choose; lifestyle, celebrity gossip, gist, entertainment, news, education, technology, general, finance, web development, and many more. 

You can download any of the content you want for free be it movies, music, videos, and shows. The website was created in March 2009 by Okunlola Adekunite and has a wide range of amazing films that you can download in HD, 3GP, and MP4.

If you are looking forward to acquainting yourself with Netnaija, worry less. We’ve documented detailed aspects to help you download your favorite movie from Netnaija effortlessly.

Without wasting time, let’s dive in:

  1. How to download movies and videos from Netnaija movies
  2. Netnaija Yoruba movie download
  3. Songs lover

How to download movies and videos from Netnaija movies

If you want to download any movie or video from Netnaija, here are the steps you must follow to get things right?

Step1: you have to select the download option

Step2: after pressing on the download option you will be shifted to the main download page 

Step3: to the main download page, press ‘download’ a pop-up advert will appear, follow NOTE. Repeat the first step by clicking on the download button and immediately you see the content start to download. It will be saved and you will get it in the media files.

After you’ve acclimatized yourself with the intricacies needed to be followed when downloading movies from Netnaija. The next step discusses how you can download Yoruba movies.

Netnaija Yoruba movie download

Get the best Yoruba movies absolutely for free on Netnaija. Your latest trends of movies and most rated can be watched and downloaded on Netnaija. 

Search the movies you want on the search menu or navigation menu and then download them with any HD that you want. 

Some of the amazing Yoruba shows that have been mostly watched include: Oja Aremo, Aduke Abe, Eleda 2, Diary of fiwa, Farapamo, and many other amazing films that you can wish to watch anytime you feel like.

Song lovers

This platform is so amazing because it has songs as well. Even though it has movies, TV shows, and other staff, songs are also available. 

They have songs in various genres like; gospel, blues, instrumental, audio comedy, African music, old school music, rock, hip-hop, freestyle, DJ-afro mixtape, foreign music, and other numerous genres that you can download and enjoy. HD, MP4, AND MP3 features are available for the songs too. 

No more boredom with Netnaija as long as you have a good device, power, and internet you are good to go.

Netnaija is a marvelous and outgoing platform; if you haven’t visited the site then you are losing a lot. All information on entertainment matters, celebrity gossip, and hot TV shows are aired and you can stream them for free. 

If you have no time for streaming you have an option to download videos of the highest quality and watch them, later on, tie convenient for you. Make use of the platform for Bollywood, Nollywood, and Hollywood staff in Nigeria at any place you are. 

No need to waste money going to buy them in the movie shop again, you can easily get them from your hand device. Isn’t that amazing?


Are you looking for the best music, videos, and movies this year? If you are longing to get the best movie or track for your kids or lover, Netnaija is the best platform you can embrace. 

Here you can download movies commonly known as Yoruba, get music from song lovers, and more. 

You cannot get bored when you are informed about Netnaija. So, in this article, we’ve frankly shared how you can download movies or videos using Netnaija. Any clip for your need and project.

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