Netflix Lost in Space Season 2 Review & Details

After the Lost in Space Season 1 finale, fans have been craving to know what will happen to the Robinson family in the Netflix Original in the next season. The show is based on a 1960’s classic and the sci-fi series has made a comeback. Netflix ordered Lost in Space Season 2 just after one month after premiering.

Netflix Lost in Space Season 2

Vancouver, British Columbia, is where the first season was filmed primarily and where most series shoot. However, the space season 2 was filmed in Iceland most likely because of the setting changes in the series. The series is set 30 years in the future and there is a modern reimagining.

Netflix Lost in Space Season 2 Status

There is no release date for Netflix Lost in Season 2 even though Season 1 dropped in April 2018. The drama in the series makes for a complicated production and this means the fans will have to wait until late 2019 or early 2020 for the new episodes. Most fans are speculating November 2019 as this will coincide with the release of a tie-in novel.

The series follows the family of Maureen and John Robinson who have 3 children namely, Judy, Penny, and Will. The family is on a space mission but unfortunately, the ship they are on is veered off its course and they find themselves in a wormhole. An alien robot is responsible for the breach of the ship and the family needs to evacuate.

From Season 1, the Robinsons capture and imprison Dr. Smith, who was against the human mission and is now on the ship which has veered off into another dimension unknown to them. However, Will recognize the galaxy from a shape once drawn for him by the robot he befriended.

The main stars of the series include Toby Stephens, Molly Parker, Taylor Russell, Mina Sundwall, Maxwell Jenkins, Parkey Posey, and Ignacio Serrichio.

Toby Stephens plays John Robinson who is an estranged father and husband. He leads the family’s expedition since he has the experience of a veteran. The relationship between him and his wife is not in the best shape but they come together when the spacecraft crash lands.

Molly Parker plays the role of Maureen Robinson and is an aerospace engineer. She is the one that makes the decision for the family to go to space and is the one responsible for the engineering on the ship.

Taylor Russell plays Judy Robinson and is Maureen’s eldest child and is from her previous marriage. Judy never gets to know the father but John adopts her even though their relationship is strained.

Mina Sundwall plays Penny Robinson who is a middle child and is not open to the idea of leaving planet earth.

Maxwell Jenkins plays Will Robinson who is the youngest in the family. His role is creative, empathetic, and weak since he gets panic attacks.

Parker Posey plays Dr. Smith who is at one time compelling but treacherous and seems calm when there is a disaster.

Ignacio Serrichio plays Don West who is a contract worker and a reluctant participant in the expedition but forms new alliances.



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