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Life can be draining when you have a famous sibling or two and are forced to live in their shadows. This is what life has been like for Eminem’s younger brother, Nathan Kane Samara.

Who is Nathan Kane Samara?

Not many people know this, but Nathan Kane Samara is the younger brother of the famous rapper, Eminem. Yes, THE Eminem that we have grown to love and admire today.

Nathan was born on 3rd February 1986 to parents Debbie Mathers-Briggs and Fred J. Samara. Eminem is Nathan’s half-brother as they share the same mother.

Nathan is an American citizen as he was born in Kansas City, Missouri. He has a mixed ethnicity of being English, German, Swiss-German, and Scottish.

In terms of Education, the only thing that is known to the public is where Nathan attended high school. Nathan attended Roseville Elementary School.

Why did the media never know who Nathan is?

Most people would think that having a celebrity as a sibling would mean instant fame for the family, however, this was not the case with Nathan Kane Samara.

Not much was known about Nathan before Eminem allowed Nathan to receive an award on his behalf at a Detroit Music Event. This could primarily be a result of the shame and resentment Eminem has felt towards his mother after enduring a traumatic childhood.

Nathan Kane Samara

Although Eminem has had custody of his brother since Nathan was 16 years old, Eminem probably did not want Nathan to face the same level of criticism and scrutiny that he has faced from the media.

A sorry tale about Nathan’s Childhood

Debbie Mathers-Briggs, famously known for being Eminem’s mother, is no stranger to controversy as can be depicted in several of Eminem’s songs and interviews.

Nathan had a troublesome childhood as a result of having Debbie as a mother. Debbie is known to have a personality disorder which caused her to repeatedly physically and emotionally abuse Nathan.

As a result of being constantly abused by his mother, Nathan has come forward and said that he has no real relationship with his mother and thinks that she is crazy. Nathan was brought up in Detroit by Eminem.

The resentment that both brothers have towards their mother can be seen in their music. Nathan’s feelings regarding his mother are very clearly depicted in Eminem’s rap titled my mom in which Eminem references Nathan. It is a clear indication that both brothers still hold the burden of years of constant physical and emotional abuse and use their music as an outlet.

A shocking twist is that although Nathan has always resented his mother, and has referred to his mother as Mad in 2018 Nathan legally changed his surname from Samara to his mother’s surname of Mathers.

This change could be because Nathan wanted more recognition and wanted the industry/the world to know that he is Eminem’s brother even though they only share a mother. Another cause for change could be because Nathan Kane Samara has always looked up to Eminem his whole life. Eminem has taken up his mother’s surname, and Nathan must have wanted to follow in his brother’s footsteps for everything.

The relationship Nathan has with Eminem

Eminem is known to be Nathan’s half-brother and is older than Nathan Kane Samara by a shocking margin. They share an age difference of fourteen years.

Nathan Kane Samara spent his childhood and most of his life till today with his older half-brother Eminem. Nathan has felt that he owes Eminem everything as Eminem is the one who raised Nathan in Detroit.

His relationship with his brother is admirable and often acknowledged by both brothers in the press. Nathan has stated several times that he looks up to Eminem, and hopes to one day follow in his footsteps as a renowned rapper.

Not only does Nathan Kane Samara have a super relationship with his Half-Brother, but Nathan is also an amazing uncle to Eminem’s three kids: Hailee, Alaine, and Whitney.

Career: Nathan is an aspiring rapper like his brother

Having grown up with Eminem, it is no surprise that Nathan Kane Samara would follow in the footsteps of his famous brother. Although Nathan has not achieved fame the way Eminem has, he is still recognized as an aspiring rapper as he has written some songs and a few raps.

Nathan’s most prominent songs in which his skills as a songwriter and rapper are fully displayed are “Shadow of a Celebrity” and “Slide on Over”.

Other than following in Eminem’s footsteps for rapping, Nathan Kane Samara has also had a career starring in his brother’s music videos. Nathan appeared in Eminem’s music video without me.

Even if Nathan’s career might be slow, and not as progressive as his brothers, Nathan is still recognizable in the industry all thanks to his brother. On several occasions, Nathan has been allowed to receive awards on his brother’s behalf.

One such instance was in 2001 at a Detroit Music Function where Nathan got a chance to receive an award and give a thank you speech on behalf of his brother.

How Nathan is an exceptional husband and a loving father

Nathan Kane Samara is a married man. He shares a life with Ash Mae, with whom he shares 3 kids.

Nathan Kane Samara met his wife Ash Mae in 2001 and instantly sparks flew. The couple did not hesitate and started dating immediately. They dated for 17 years and tied the knot on May 7th, 2018 in Miami, Florida.

Nathan Kane Samara
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There have been no rumors circulating their message concerning infidelity or rumors of a split. The couple seems to be very much in love. Nathan is a dedicated family man and vows to provide his wife and children with the best life he possibly can.

Nathan is not like his mother Debbie

Although Nathan Kane Samara was born to a mother who has been known to be controversial on several occasions, the same can’t be said for her son.

Nathan may have grown up in the spotlight with having a famous half-brother, however, Nathan has managed to live a low-key life and has never been associated with any controversial rumors.

Aside from a drunk driving incident in 2009 in which Nathan did not allow an ambulance to pass him, there have been no other rumors circulating the aspiring rapper.

Nathan’s life in the present day

Nathan’s attempt at making it big and following in his brother’s footsteps in the rap industry might have been short-lived however he is falling in his brother’s footsteps when it comes to appearing in movies.

Like his brother who starred in the film 8 Mile, Nathan will be starring in a horror film titled Devil’s Night: Dawn of the Nain Rouge. It is a film based on a folklorish legend called “Nain Rouge”. Legend states that there is a creature (a red dwarf) who often dwells and hunts in the area around Detroit.

The film will be directed and co-written by Sam Logan Khaleghi who was nominated for an Emmy for the 2010 film titled Prison Boat. The screenplay will be helmed by Aaron Herman Russman. Nathan will be joined by Legends & Lie’s Actor Jesi Jensen, D12’s Swifty Mcvay, and Bollywood’s Napoleon Duraisamy. Shooting will take place in and around Detroit, as well as in Chennai, India.

Nathan may not have achieved success as a billionaire rapper, however, we do hope that his career as an actor will kick off after the release of this film.

How much is Nathan worth?

He may not be worth anywhere near to what his brother Eminem is worth, but Nathan Kane Samara can still live comfortably considering his net worth and earning’s over the years.

It is estimated that Nathan’s net worth is priced at $12 million with most of this money coming from his work as a DJ. According to some sources, he earns up to $72,500 annually working as a DJ and also earns a bit extra cash working as a personal trainer. It is said that he has earned around $73,160 annually as a personal trainer.

Aside from normal working gigs, Nathan’s net worth can also be contributed to his passive income earnings as a result of his Instagram account. Sources claim that Nathan earns an estimate of $154.5 to $257.5 per post.

Get to know more about Nathan through Social Media

By now, Nathan Kane Samara surely must have acquired a decent fan base following the release of his movie.

Nathan is very active on social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. His followers on each site are as follows:

– Instagram: 40.7K Followers
– Twitter: 18.8K Followers – Facebook: 1.1K Followers

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