Movies You Can Watch in Relaxing time

Sometimes, a good film is a therapy you need after a long day’s work. Having some time is an excellent way to pass the time and relax and catch up with oneself. Once you are home, take a shower, grab your favourite seat, and tune to any of the following relaxing movies. 

relaxing movies

The ideal way to relax and get entertained is by choosing a movie that is less thrilling or heart wrenching but heartwarming. Watching funny movies can also leave you feeling at ease, and all your stress alleviated.

Movies You Can Watch in Relaxing time

1. Confessions of a shopaholic

Rebecca Bloomwod’s obsession with shopping is overwhelming. She has a chronic need to change her wardrobe, which leaves her at a crossroads for lack of money and the constant desire to shop. The irony of Rebecca’s story is that she is a journalist working for a financial magazine, and she advises readers on consumer caution!

2. Julie and Julia

Are you a sucker for comedy? Then Julie and Julia will give you constant laughs to the end. The comedy-drama featuring Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, and Stanley Tucci has many cooking scenes: Julia’s career and Julie Powell is a food blogger. It is authentic storytelling, two stories in one, something you will not fathom because it is fun-filled. 

3. The intern

Imagine being an intern at 70 years! Ben Whittaker is a 70-year-old widower who, after retirement, has a new lease on life. Of course, he will pass the interview to become a senior intern in an online fashion site owned by Jules Ostin.

4. The Edge of Seventeen

Hailee Steinfeld makes any film worth your time. The Spectacular Hailee is Nadine, a young girl struggling with the best friend to make it through school. Things take a turn when her best friend starts dating her older brother, which throws her life into turmoil. 

The edge of Seventeen is nothing like the usual coming-of-age movie as it is witty and modern. If John Hughes’s films make you happy, then this one will sweep you off your feet.

relaxing movies

5. The Pacifier

Shane Wolf is famous for speed, but here he is an ex-marine protecting a scientist’s family working for the government. There are five children he has to keep safe not only from felons but also themselves. He has to guard for his safety as the mischievous kids use every opportunity to get at him. 

6. The Artist

The Artist is a perfect choice to make you relax until you fall asleep because it is a silent film. There are no shouting or screaming dialogues to bring you back once you take the path to slumber. Upon its release in 2015, the film won three Oscar awards and watching it will make you understand why. 

The movie is about a young actress and a silent film star whose relationship as talkies is coming into fashion. It feels old and modern, featuring a couple of dazzling stars of sly comedy and a pitch-perfect score. 

7. Real Women Have Curves

America Ferrera debut as a Mexican-American teen in this film who is ready to leave her family home and concentrate on her life is both hilarious and inspiring. The film is not an all-out comedy, but her ability to laugh at the world’s insistence brings pure joy.

8. Always be my Maybe

Ali Wong and Randall Park are the two childhood friends who reconnect after their teenage relationships went south. It is a romantic comedy with the usual cliches with a feel right result, and it is charmingly infectious to watch. Make sure you stay awake long enough and witness Keanu Reeves’s great cameo. 

relaxing movies

9. Saving Mr. Banks

You can never go wrong with Tom Hanks! In Saving Mr Banks, he takes the role of the ultimate dream maker: Walt Disney, a film set in the early 1960s, when Disney worked to get the rights to a book author P.L. Travers’ which was played by Emma Thompson. He will eventually succeed in the quest, but the journey makes the exciting part, as P.L. Travers is not impressed by Disney’s bright lights. The movie is sentimental and sweet to watch without offences making it perfect when relaxing or at bedtime. 

10. From Paris with Love

In this film, James Reece has an excellent job in the U.S as an assistant to the U.S ambassador. He helps the CIA now and then, and he has a beautiful girlfriend making his life nothing but perfect. He dresses in trendy suits, but his ideal life is not enough as he desires a secret agent’s adventures to save the world. He comes to life when he is assigned to a duty that is full of tricks. 

11. Ocean Thirteen

Danny Ocean and his crew of talented mischief-makers showcase their criminal escapades in Ocean thirteen. After a casino owner double-crosses one Ocean friend, the Ocean team come together to plan on how to steal a large sum of money from the casino and make a kill one more time. 

12. Now and then

Before creating Pretty Little Liars, Marlene King penned another script based on her life growing up in the Midwest as a Roberta. It is a classic preteen movie featuring girls in the 90s. The film speaks to two women generations who transition from girlhood to womanhood with a best friend’s help. 

13. Grandma

In this film, Lily Tomlin plays the central part of the timeless grandmother everyone would wish to have. The dramedy film debuted in 2015 featuring Julia Garner. You will experience star power and the ass-kicking delivery by Tomlin to Garner’s boyfriend, who is proving stubborn to pay her abortion.


The above makes a comprehensive list of relaxing movies to watch anytime. Grab some popcorn and relax while you enjoy the events from the film you select. If you have a stable network connection, you stream online or use the old method of buying the movie, loaded to a flash disk. Those who have subscribed to streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Netflix etc. have a higher advantage of getting hold of any film of choice, either way. You still enjoy your movie!

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