The Funniest Mark Zuckerberg Senate Hearing Memes

Mark Zuckerberg memes and jokes: Funniest Internet reactions after Facebook founder gives evidence at Congress. As Mark Zuckerberg gave testimony before US senators in the first of two hearings over Facebook’s role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal, social media picked up on his at-times awkward appearance.

He Is My Hero…
Zuck is a Lizard!!!
Zuck sent his robot double
Terminator Zuck!
Mark Zuckerberg got the bread!
Need to cool down Zuck

Mark Zuckerbot at his congress hearing

Social media!!!

No wonder his smile looked so forced…

Z U C C ‘ D
Sneaky reptilians
Heating pad for reptiles
Most of them not understanding computers or the internet didn’t help.




Your personal data is personally being protected in a briefcase underneath Mark Zuckerberg.

Ah yes!!!

Get zucc’d
Mark Drugerberg
“I’m totally not a robot you guys!”

Check this out guys!!!


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