2022 Got You Down? Make Your Life Easier with a UK VPN

Not sure where to find the best UK VPN around (without an ungodly amount of research?) This list of VPNs from ProPrivacy is the best place to start. Scroll on to see what a UK VPN can do to ease the tension caused by the circus that was 2022.

2020 Got You Down? Make Your Life Easier with a UK VPN

Enhance Your Streaming Experience

With all entertainment venues closed or severely restricted, you need to find something to make life indoors more bearable. Already bored of all the local stuff on BBC iPlayer, Netflix UK, and so on? Try going overseas for a wider selection of shows. Not literally, of course, but by changing locations with a UK VPN.

Simply sign up, download, and install your preferred provider’s app on your PC and/ or mobile devices. Launch the app, select a server from abroad, and gain access to all the content that’s not available in the UK – like Hulu or HBO Max.

And before you ask – no, a free UK VPN won’t cut it. All streaming services are well aware that people are watching their regional exclusives with a VPN, and are doing their best to put a stop to the practice. Free UK VPNs simply can’t afford to keep up with how fast these streaming giants block their server IP addresses. After all, renting and maintaining a wide server network across the world can get pretty expensive.

Enjoy Cheaper Digital Goods

Do you know what else is pretty expensive? Online service subscriptions, goodies in online games, hotel costs, car rentals, and flight tickets. If you’re wondering why all these seemingly disconnected items, that’s because a UK VPN can help you get any of them much cheaper than you’re used to.

How? By taking advantage of regional pricing, of course. You can save money with a VPN by switching locations to a region with a less powerful economy and see prices drop significantly. Now, traveling is pretty much off the table at the moment. But if you’ve been thinking of planning a holiday a year or two from now, you’ve got the perfect excuse to do so.

Naturally, airlines and hotels are also aware that people use VPNs for cheaper prices. Here are some extra tips to help you out:

  • Don’t use the same web browser as you always do. Cookies and other saved settings may give away that you’re trying to mask your location with an UK VPN.
  • Another thing that may give away your location is your current system time. It’s pretty suspicious if your time zone is still set to GMT while supposedly accessing the website from India (or whichever country you’re connected to in the VPN app).
  • Our recommendation is to use a desktop PC, but if you’re going to attempt this on a mobile device, you should turn off GPS tracking at the very least.

All VPN providers recommended by ProPrivacy have generous money-back guarantees (30+ days). As such, you can easily test the process without risk.

Stay Safe from Hacking and Surveillance

Speaking of risks, we can’t discuss VPNs without mentioning their primary purpose. That is, their ability to encrypt your network data – basically scramble it in transit so it can’t be read or recorded by outside third parties:

  • Hackers – the number of daily cyber-attacks has only increased since the start of the pandemic. The fact that more people are working from home, in unsecured environments, doesn’t help one bit.
  • Your ISP is required to store your browsing activity for up to a year, thanks to the Investigatory Powers Act 2016 (aka the Snoopers’ Charter).
  • Government surveillance agencies like the GCHQ, the NSA, and others working with them under international mass surveillance programs.

All in all, it’s just worth getting a VPN in the UK to secure your data and maintain your peace of mind. You probably have enough on your plate as it is, without adding extra worries to the mix.

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