Lucifer Season 5: Everything you Want to know

In May 2018, Fox canceled the devil drama Lucifer after showing it for three seasons. Even though the ratings had been robust, they decided to cancel the show and the fans convinced Netflix to take on the show, which they did a month later. Season 4 of Lucifer came out a year almost to the day the show was initially canceled and the fans were overjoyed and binged on the new season.

In June 2019, Netflix had some more good news for Lucifer fans, the Lucifer Season 5 premiere was on its way to their screens. However, the fans need to know that Lucifer Season 5 is the last.

Lucifer Season 5: Everything you Want to know
Lucifer Season 5

What to Expect from Lucifer Season 5

The final episode of Season 4 sees Lucifer return home to help contain hell that is now spilling into Los Angeles. Lucifer Season 4 ended with Lucifer and Chloe finally admitting feelings for each other. Throughout the season, Chloe is struggling to come to terms with the fact that Lucifer has a demonic and now the introduction of Eve.

Season 4 sets up future seasons with the demons back home in hell knowing Lucifer has no intention of going back home. However, the season ends with Lucifer saying goodbye to Chloe as she returns temporarily.

With Lucifer Season 5, we have not had much in the way of set-up for a plot in this latest season and it is all open to speculation. Now we know that Lucifer can come and go from hell as he pleases.

Therefore, one of the possibilities is that he stays true to the plot by him getting caught up in Decker’s crime-solving shenanigans when he goes to check up on her. Lucifer alternatively could easily go another route and focus just on the mayhem. At the end of Season 4, there are several plot points relating to how angels could be a pain as much as demons. There is still the matter of Decker being put in Lucifer’s path by God that has not been fully explained.

Since Lucifer is going to take a prolonged leave of absence from the mortal plane, there could be trouble in the celestial arena and he might just get back into the LAPD. Whatever will drive the narrative for Lucifer Season 5, Lucifer will not be content with just sitting on his throne.

It is almost safe to say that Eve will be back despite leaving the group at the end of Season 4. She has seen the error of her evil ways and is off to figure out who she is. She might come back a changed woman in Season 5 and this could be tricky for both Lucifer and Chloe.

Season 5 has a lot of things to offer including getting a view of how Lucifer will rule hell and the way he left things with Chloe, there is a lot to look forward to for the whole season.

Who is Back for Lucifer Season 5

We shall assume all the original players will be back until we hear differently. Lucifer(Tom Ellis), Chloe(Lauren German), Daniel(Kevin Alejandro), Amenadiel(D.B. Woodside), Mazikeen(Lesley-Ann Brandt), and Linda(Rachael Harris).


There is no set date by Netflix, but they tend to stick to a yearly release cycle. So we can expect the final season to drop in the summer of 2020. We are expecting 10 episodes on Lucifer Season 5 and the writer said if fans wanted more for Season 6, they should make their voices heard. However, Netflix mentioned that Season 5 is the final season they will support.

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