Lakers Lebron James injury & latest news

Lakers Lebron James injury

Lakers Lebron from LA is a three-time NBA champion, and he has won several titles as part of Miami Heat in 2012, 2013, then with Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016. During the LA Lakers Vs, Golden State Warriors, James had a strain on his left groin in 2018. 

He has not played in any of the latest games, although they won on Tuesday with 127-101. He has also won honors for the NBA most valuable player four times. On Tuesday, the LA Lakers forward superstar attempted shots to show the progressive recovery of his groin injury. The Lakers head coach Luke Walton said he is yet to release a timetable for his return. 

James appeared 34 times in the first season with Lakers with 27.3 points, 8.3 rebounds, and 7.1 assists in each game, and shooting 51.8%. In July, he signed a four-year contract worth $153.3 million with the franchise. In James’ absence, Josh Hart re-entered the Lakers line-up. 

Latest Updates on LeBron James

Lakers Lebron James has not been in the line up since his injury, and most people assume that it’s because the team is managing him for playoffs. As the top player in the Western Conference, Vogel admitted that keeping LeBron out is not only about the injury. His admission is enough to concern opponents that James is being preserved for a future play.

Despite his injury, James has been healthy for the better part of his successful NBA career. However, his groin has been the only part of his body, causing him sleepless nights. In the previous season, he missed the most games of his basketball career due to the groin injury, and earlier this season, the injury was still persistent.

Lebron james injury

Besides all these challenges, LeBron managed to be on the court for most of the 2019-2020 season. He missed one game on Thursday, marking his fourth miss this season. Currently, how long James will stay out of the court is uncertain. But he will not be part of two games in the championships as Lakers push playoffs.

Assuming his injury heals and does not bother him again, the three-time champion will likely bounce back to play soon.

When is LeBron Coming Back?

The LA Lakers have suffered two losses of their first four games, after which LeBron James was declared unfit to play in their fifth game. James was out of the court watching his dear team lose to the Rockets. Vogel could be preserving LeBron for playoffs, meaning he has to remain fit and ready. 

He is now resting because once the playoffs set off, there will be no room for that since he will be playing in the second half of the match. Lebron has played 239 playoff games with an average of 42 minutes per night, which is tough without the needed rest. 

His presence in a game depends on how crucial it is; he can play full-time in an elimination game. James is more fit besides the injury, but at 35, his age can also affect his efficiency on the court. Conserving James might be a good strategy for the Lakers. There are three games before the playoffs, and he might end up playing one.


Lakers Lebron James suffered a groin injury in 2018 and aggravated it in the season 2019-20. He might not be the only player in Lakers with an injury, but the rest are nursing minor injuries. He had excellent gameplay on Tuesday, but he might not be playing for a while now due to the persistent injury. 

James is likely to be in the start line up and play till halftime. Since the playoffs are around the corner, he might not even play the whole first half. Chances are high for James to play in the Lakers’ final game considering the team has let him rest long enough.

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