Justin Bieber Haircut & Hairstyle

Justin Bieber’s hairstyle: has made the news countless times these past few years. From cornrows to man bun to dreadlocks to blonde hair, Justin Bieber’s hair has gotten more media attention this year than the recording artist’s music. And now Bieber’s new haircut is a shaved head, which will eventually grow out to be a buzz cut. Whether JB is experiencing an identity crisis we’ll never know, but in the meantime, let’s enjoy the Bieb’s best hairstyles from the past.

The Justin Bieber Haircut

Between JB’s short and long hair, we found tons of great inspiration for guys of all ages. If you’re trying to pull off a Justin Bieber hairstyle, check out the pictures below before visiting your local barbershop.

Undercut + Faux Hawk + Brushed Up Fringe

Classic Justin, this undercut, and fohawk combine with a brushed up fringe for a very stylish look.

Blonde Hair + Long Textured Brush Back

White, blonde and platinum blonde hair has become immensely popular this year! If you’re ever bored with your style, try coloring or bleaching your hair for a unique look.

Short Sides + Messy Textured Brush Up

This cool short sides long top hairstyle allows guys to style any number of looks, including the quiff, comb-over, and pompadour.

High Fade + Comb Over

The modern comb-over has continued to be a trend this year.

Long Hair on Top + Short Sides

With short tapered sides and longer, textured hair on top, this style looks best natural and messy!

Modern Quiff

The short, modern quiff always looks great, whether you want to style it for the office or socially!

Long Blonde Textured Quiff

If you’re thinking about growing your hair out, this long blonde quiff can provide excellent inspiration!

Faux Hawk + Classic Taper

The classic taper cut on the sides works with any hairstyle, and this thick style complements it perfectly!

Short Sides + Brushed Up Fringe

Short sides and medium hair brushed back makes for an all-natural look.

Shaggy Top + Side Swept Fringe

The shaggy hairstyle put Justin on the map as a teen heartthrob.

Messy Medium Length Slick Back

Long Flowing Slicked Back Hair

Thick Spiky Hair + Taper Fade

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