Jon Zherka- Age, Twitch, Twitter & is he banned?

Jon Zherka is a popular Twitch streamer who was recently banned for thirty days. He blamed the platform for the difference in banning male and female streamers. According to him, female streamers are shown leniency; hence males are treated unfairly. 

Recently, Twitch has been under fire for how they handled several suspensions or failure to suspend. The suspension inconsistencies have been a topic of discussion amidst streamers for a while now. And, JonZherka is the latest streamer to weigh into the issue. 

Jon Zherka

On Twitch, Jon is active again, and he is all volume up, partying as his fans watch. On the other hand, he still appears banned on Twitter since his last tweets were in 2019.

Jon Zherka Alleged Inconsistencies by Twitch

Jon appeared on the Spud Cast podcast hosted by Bella Fernandez, and the topic changed to the unfair treatment of male and female streamers on Twitch. “Well, if you look at it, guys seem to make a lot more money than girls on Twitch, so it’s unfair that way, but if you look at it the other way, guys deal with severe bans compared to girls,” Zherka claimed. 

The streamer continued to say girls can get away with a lot of things: “It seems like, if you’re a girl, you can get away with anything, I’m not going to talk about cats and stuff, but you know what I mean.” he added.

He hinted at Alinity’s animal ‘abuse’ controversy, making his fellow guests and the watching audience burst into laughter, and as if that was not enough, he went on. “Girls for nudity get a one-day ban. When someone flashed me on stream, I got a permanent ban,” Zherka added. He also noted his return was because of one of the top-ten streamers who petitioned for his return. JonZherka described himself as “broken” without his chat but sounded off away from Twitch.

More Lamentations and Cursing by Jon

“How the f**k are you going to take that away from me, and you’re not going to take it away from the fu**ing e-girl that had ‘oops, wardrobe malfunction’ for the thirtieth time to triple her stats? Ridiculous.” he ranted. Later in 2019, around September, Twitch revealed that there would be changes in the suspension process, and situations will be judged differently and better than previous times. 

Regardless of the community’s thoughts on any situation, Twitch still uses the banhammer to settle issues. JonZherka did not leave out top Twitch streamers and labeled them as “fake” personalities. He also took the war of words a notch higher, saying the Amazon-owned platform said some top streamers are only growing and becoming famous due to their fake personalities.

Jon Zherka

He continues to argue that most of the streamers with massive following increase viewers by hiding their true selves, ramping things to appeal to the masses. He insisted that the top streamers are the fakest of them all!

Jon Zherka Doing Charity Work

Wearing masks is the norm today, and only diehard fans can recognize you were JonZherka’s sentiments when targeting Twitch. He also had opinions about those on YouTube and Mixer. Zherka is well-known to be a controversial streamer with over 70,000 followers. These accusations are not the only ones he has had with the platform over the years.

The primary reason why JonZherka appeared on hajj and trains streams was to woe followers. With a following of over 30k watching your stream and Zherka going live on his channel, too bad for you because they will leave you for him. He did not secure anything for hajj and train, but it’s pretty much for charity.

It may seem like Zherka is not using his position like he should as others in the same streaming position would. One main reason can be the fact that he comes from an affluent family. He may not need the money from streams, but his attention is a way to boost his ego. Jon collaborates with streamers to make his name and win followers.

However, the collaboration that Jon pulls is a turn-off to others who feel he is not confident enough to be independent. Some think that if he were streaming on IRL, he would be a bigger person than he is today. Others only claim to watch him on hajj, and he sounded funny, unlike today, boring and full of himself. Jon only streamed on his own for nine days before he began collaborating.


JonZherka is a streamer on Twitch, surrounded by controversies. He has been banned several for various reasons. He has made it a trend always to cry foul of ban measures imposed on male streamers compared to females. In his own words, “Females can get away with anything,” he said.

Zherka does not mince his word when he talks of other Twitch personalities. He calls them fake and that they never show their real lives but the ramp to win viewers. Streaming is not for the faint-hearted, and some fans think that Zherka loves to collaborate with famous streamers to remain relevant.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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