JASMINE RICHARDSON – Teen Who Massacred Her Entire Family

Transitioning into the grown-up phase can be challenging for individuals, particularly teenagers. Your hormones go wild, your skin becomes bizarre, and you become overwhelmed by “the big sad”. It can have a detrimental influence on your disposition!

Sadly, some individuals are unable to cope with the trauma, and their hasty conclusions often lead to chaos in their lives, and the lives of their families – that is what instigated Jasmine Richardson into butchering her entire family!

JASMINE RICHARDSON – Teen Who Massacred Her Entire Family
Source: Medicine Hat News


At 1:00 P.M. on 23rd April 2006, in Medicine Hat, Alberta, the corpses of their husband, Marc Richardson, age 42, and spouse, Debra, age 48, were discovered in the basement of their home and upstairs was the corpse of their son, Tyler Jacob, age 8. Not present was their 12-year-old daughter, Jasmine, and it was dreaded that she became prey to the killer as well. However, she was arrested the preceding day along with her 23-year-old boyfriend, Jeremy Allan Steinke, in Leader, Saskatchewan – almost 130 kilometers from the Richardson house.

Afterward, Steinke’s comrade, Kacy Lancaster, was arrested on 3rd May 2006, for being an accomplice and disposing of the evidence on Jasmine and Jeremy in her truck.

JASMINE RICHARDSON – Teen Who Massacred Her Entire Family
Source: Medicine Hat News


From what it seems, Jasmine’s parents were conflicted about the relationship between Steinke and Jasmine due to the age difference, and condemned their “love life”. Steinke, who claimed of being a 300-year-old wolf, allegedly stated that he had a tang for blood, and bore a minor vessel of blood around his neck.

There are speculations as to where the couple met, however, an associate of Steinke stated that Jasmine met with him on Nexopia, a prominent Canadian social-media website, where they communicated. However, the messages were public, and as such, the accounts have been removed.

Furthermore, it was alleged that Steinke and some comrades watched the 1994 movie, Natural Born Killers, a narrative of a young couple who go on a vicious carnage, only hours before the tragedy. It was also reported that he told his friends that he wanted his girlfriend and him to plot similarly, but without sparing the brother.

JASMINE RICHARDSON – Teen Who Massacred Her Entire Family
Source: Medicine Hat News


Almost 16 years ago, Jasmine Richardson conspired with Jeremy Allan Steinke and massacred her entire family amidst the dread of night. She sliced her 8-year-old brother’s throat and left him to perish around his blood-stained toys, while her boyfriend stabbed her parents in the basement.

Under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, she could not be charged with murder for being “too young”. However, she was given a prison sentence of 10 years, which was the epitome of punishment for a crime in Canada at the time. By 9th July 2007, she was found guilty of three first-degree murders.


During her concluding years of the verdict, she began attending classes at Mount Royal University, Calgary, in September 2011. She was released the following year and was reported to express remorse at a rehabilitation center on October 2012.

After a final review, Jasmine was freed of all charges on 6th May 2016. As of now, the 25-year-old is residing covertly somewhere in Canada, perhaps near her old neighborhood. Jasmine is being exhibited as a “poster child” for rehabilitation.

However, residents of the neighborhood cannot forget the past, when horror awaited the police as they entered the Richardson house for inspection on a sunny day in April. One woman told CBC; “If you’re old enough to do the crime, you should do the time”.

As for Steinke, he was charged with three first-degree murders, and was confronted with life imprisonment in 2008. Soon after their arrest, Steinke proposed to Jasmine for matrimony, yet there has been no update in regards to that.

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