Is Oil & Gas Production a Good Career Path?

If you are longing for a career path that offers a huge number of benefits in terms of salary, travel opportunities, and the ability to explore more into the technology realm more. Oil and gas production is a good career path that you are looking for. 

Is oil & gas production a good career path

Over the past years, people have been asking themselves, is oil & gas production a good career path? If you are among the populace with such a notion in mind, you are lucky to find this post. In this article, we’ve done explicit and thorough research from different sites such as Quora, Reddit, FAQ groups, and other social media channels in line to shed light on your problem.

Nonetheless, a 2018 report presented by the Oil and Gas UK workforce propounded that, solely in the UK, there are roughly 283,000 jobs supported by Oil and gas companies. Meaning, this industry is huge to support a vast population of people yearning to work and earn a living to support their deplorable families at home.

Also, the International Energy Agency supports that the energy sector animates the growth of the world GDP. In 2016, a 2.2 % growth in the world GDP was a result of the energy sector. With the various opportunities in oil and gas production, it will be insane for someone to ask, is oil and gas production a good career path to embrace this year? 

Why should you opt for a career path in oil and gas production? 

This is a mind-boggling question that perturbs several minds at hand. If this is you, worry less. Below are the expounded points that can help you change your perspective and subscribe to a career in the energy sector. 

  1.  Reasonable salaries
  2. Explore the basics of technology
  3. Traveling opportunities
  4. Continuity of learning
  5. Skills growing

Reasonable Salaries

Everybody would wish to work where they are paid lump sums of money. And working in oil and gas industry production assures you the best starting salary. 

Energy sectors typically offer higher salaries to their employees. The huge salaries are a result of the paradigms that are entailed while working in this sector such as, you must have a diploma or an authentic educational background that gives you the credibility to work in the oil and gas production industry. 

Apart from the basic salaries, there are lots of incentives that one is accompanied with when working in suburban areas.  

Explore the Basics of Technology

If you want to explore the basic technology incorporated in this world, dare not to ask, is oil and gas production a good career path? 

There are different designs of tools and equipment in this industry. You’ll have to learn all the essential tools to acquaint yourself with how the work is done using such a tool. Meaning, in this sector, learning new things never stops. 

You’ll be trained and learn regularly with some of the new advanced equipment. Who doesn’t want to be exposed to the new arrivals of equipment in this universe?

Traveling Opportunities

If you love traveling, this sector is an ideal remedy for your thirst. 

With huge worldwide demand for these services, you’ll be expected to travel to different places. This career will make you understand the geographical structure and design of this planet. 

Continuity of Learning

As the popular saying goes, never stop learning because life never stops teaching. Having embraced oil and production as your main career, you’ll have endless opportunities to learn. 

This sector keeps on growing and new things are broached up that need your skills to handle them. If you are not competent enough, you’ll be compelled to learn to up your game too in the field. 

Therefore, working in the oil and gas sector will demand you learn continually to up your skills as the field grows exponentially due to technology advancements. 

Skills Growing 

This field involves specific skills. For you to fit in the industry, you’ll have to learn specific skills such as refinery management, operational material management, petroleum economics, and oil and gas exploration management. 

However, your communication skills and management abilities ought to be on point to offer good inbound services to clients. 

Final Thoughts 

Is oil & gas production a good career path? If you are asking yourself the same question as the populace, this sector has enticing benefits such as a continual rate of learning, traveling opportunities, lump-sum salaries, and growing your oil and production skills to hone you in the business industry. 

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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